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    Uberti 1849 Pocket Range Day, with Chrono Results.

    What aftermarket nipples are you using? Also, have you deburred the face and safety notch on the hammer? I understand the thought process of a heavier mainspring keeping the hammer from being blown back by gases escaping the flash hole, but it seems unnecessary on proper aftermarket nipples...
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    Revolver photos

    My main thing is unmentionable cartridge revolvers but I’ve recently been getting more and more into percussion revolvers. I Stupidly sold a 2nd Gen Colt 1860 Army that I had and never fired a couple years back. So far I’ve replaced it with an 1858 Remington New Model Army and an 1851 Colt...
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    Georgia members

    Coffee County here - Douglas/Ambrose.
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    Best projectile diameters

    Yeah Cabela’s slaps on a 24 dollar hazmat charge on powder, primers, etc. As far as pellets, I’ve never used them. I stick with black powder. I’ve used pyrodex powder in the past but you can’t clean your firearm fast enough to stop it from corroding so I don’t use it if I can help it.
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    Best projectile diameters

    There's a few vendors out there. I use Gimcrack & Bunkum | Gimcrack & Bunkum He makes a lot of period correct bullets and cartridges.
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    Uberti Navy and Pocket Police.

    I bought a '61 Navy at the same time as my '51, both with brass grip frames. The London blued grip frames make that particular pistol look better in my opinion. I've been thinking about selling the '61 but now I may order some replacement steel grip frames for it. The '62 5 1/2" is next on my...
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    Best projectile diameters

    .375 or .380 balls for Uberti .36 cal pistols, and I use Colt conicals with a .380 belt. .454 Balls or Johnston & Dow conicals for the .44 pistols.
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    Where to find conical bullets

    I’ve been buying my conicals from Gimcrack & Bunkum and have been pleased with the results and price. Actually received a couple hundred .36 Colt conicals this week from him.
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    New Member from GA

    I’m way down in Coffee County myself.
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    New Member from GA

    Good morning everyone. New member here from GA. Work in the firearms industry, previously US Army. I have become slightly jaded with modern firearms as of late from working in and around them everyday so I’ve taken up black powder firearms as a bit of a relaxation hobby in place of the modern...