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  1. K_P

    Butt Plate and Toe Plate for Bucks County Rifle

    Thank you Fred. The photos are very helpful and you answered my question. Best, KP
  2. K_P

    Where can you find brass slotted flathead woodscrews ?

  3. K_P

    Butt Plate and Toe Plate for Bucks County Rifle

    That's more or less what mine is. The tag end on the left side is the sprue from the casting mold. What I'd really like to see is what it supposed to look like on a finished rifle, along with the butt plate. Thx, KP
  4. K_P

    Butt Plate and Toe Plate for Bucks County Rifle

    I am in the very early stages of a Bucks County build. I just received my shipment from Larry Zornes of brass and iron bits. However, the toe plate for this rifle is a bit of a mystery to me. The attached photo is of the casting for what I believe is the toe plate. I'm having trouble...
  5. K_P

    Tried and True Danish Oil versus Boiled Linseed Oil finish--question on application

    I'm fairly new to muzzle loading, but I've refinished a few stocks in recent years for modern rifles. I really like a hand-rubbed BLO finish and have put in the time to make them come our right. Now that I'm building my first muzzleloader (Bucks County), I'm experimenting with aqua fortis...
  6. K_P

    1.5 F instead of 2 F in flintlock rifle

    Given the scarcity of real BP these days, what are your thoughts on using 1.5 f Swiss rather than 2 f in a .50 caliber flinter? From what I've read, 1f is generally reserved for canons and very large bore firearms, 2 f is more appropriate for most calibers of long guns, 3 f is generally priming...
  7. K_P

    Tools or tool kits for stock finishing

    I recently purchased a semi-finished stock from a forum member here. It's a Jacob Dubbs/Bucks County replica. Because it's a beautiful piece of curly maple and because I'm new to the process, I also ordered a 1 x 8 plank of curly maple to practice carving/shaping to improve my woodworking...
  8. K_P

    SOLD Left hand Bucks County

    I'll buy this, as per our conversations. Thx, KP
  9. K_P

    SOLD Left hand Bucks County

    I've seen your emails and replied. One last question, if you don't mind and then we can move this along. Thx, KP
  10. K_P

    SOLD Left hand Bucks County

    Thanks for being a gentleman Flint62. To be fair, my PM to Caleb wasn't an "I'll take it," but rather three questions that, contingent upon his answers would likely result in my purchase of the stock. I haven't built a rifle yet, so I need to know if I can do it with general shop tools (and not...
  11. K_P

    SOLD Left hand Bucks County

    Caleb, Please check your messages. Thanks, KP
  12. K_P

    Best methods pouring round balls and/or gear recommendations

    Eterry is correct--I don't yet have any way to melt lead for casting bullets. I was seeking advice for what seems to work best and I'm really appreciating everybody's input. Thank you all!
  13. K_P

    Best methods pouring round balls and/or gear recommendations

    I've got the lead. I've got the mold. The bottom-pour melting pot backorder didn't come through. I just want to pour decent round balls for my .50 cal flinter. Any suggestions for melting/fluxing/pouring the lead? I was drawn to the bottom pour mold based on some youtube videos. It seems...
  14. K_P

    Cabelas NEW gun policy

    Interesting discussion. I fall in the camp that lying is just wrong. Not only that, but it generally backfires. For the longest time, the conservative motto regarding new gun laws has been "If the courts would just apply existing gun laws, we wouldn't need new gun laws." I fall in this camp...
  15. K_P

    .40's Kibler build

    Gorgeous rifle--thanks for sharing. I'm waiting for the day (if ever) Kibler puts out a left-handed lock.
  16. K_P

    TRADE Bear Grease

    It goes without saying. Your offer was quite kind and generous, and that is what I noticed. Thank you. And, congratulations/happy birthday to Donny and Justin. It keeps getting better!
  17. K_P

    TRADE Bear Grease

    Your offer is very kind, Eric. However, I'm ten years sober as of January! I'm laughing at the irony as I type this reply. Best, KP
  18. K_P

    TRADE Bear Grease

    I've got an ample supply of bear grease, rendered from fat from black bears taken by friends here in NW Montana/northern Idaho. I will confess: I have no idea of it's value to traditional muzzleloaders. I am new to this game, having only recently acquired a used lefty Investarm .50 cal...
  19. K_P

    Preparation H

    Talk about milking a joke for all it's worth... ;-)
  20. K_P

    Flash hole liner maintenance

    Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate all the shared wisdom. As an added bonus, I now know what "dryballed" means!