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    Brown Bess: I gots me some questions...

    90gr of 2f with a 690 paper cartridge works great for me with a pedersoli.
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    Early antler drop/no fat

    This the half rack thing your talking about --> not a hunter
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    Buckshot in pistols?

    My 67 cal pistol loves buckshot. Lots of fun to play around with at the range.
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    FOR SALE Short Land Brown Bess 23rd Fusiliers

    Looks like a Pedersoli lock
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    Too much detail

    Wow mustang you are confused. Volume measures are the quick and easy way to load charges for the average plinker, hunter whatever. Extreme example is a cup of plastic BBs and a cup of Lead BBs, same diameter projectiles, same volume, yet drastically different weights. Grains are a unit of...
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    SOLD 42 lbs Lead Ingots SOLD

    Justin makes some great stuff. Highly recommend.
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    FOR SALE Harpers Ferry Musket Model 1842

    Feels like kid trying to sell dads gun he doesnt have access to. Take it down, lay it out in the grass with your screen name on a piece of paper and prove me wrong
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    FOR SALE Traditions Tennessee Rifle

    50cal and you rammed down a .590 rb and a .512 conical? That is impressive
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    Careful!! Rip Offs

    I canceled my paypal account the other week after their "fine" you for misinformation. That wa the final straw for me.
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    SPP in place of Percussion Caps

    Even better idea was if a small rock hit a piece of steel and made a small spark. Things to ponder;-)
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    Marty;s Arms

    Yup, let them cool and a side cutter, twist the ball while cutting and it's a super smooth cut
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    Less than 100% pure lead for round balls and conicals ?

    Scrap lead for round balls is just fine for use. A patch is going to grip it anyway in the rifling.
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    PayPal users beware

    There is legislation about bank overdraft fees see link below.
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    PayPal users beware

    Companies do not have the legislative authority to deprive you of life, liberty or property. They cant fine you, plain and simple
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Got my 2nd (top) 67cal pistol fixed up and ready for the range. I like these ultra hi pistol, dont spark the best but fun for sure
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    Pre-measured powder or shot tubes

    18mm test tubes hold lubed minies very nicely
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    Mixing lead alloy with pure?

    I too keep pure separate from alloy/range pickup. Pure for minies and alloy for round ball.
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    Marty;s Arms

    I have quite a few. Cast nice, only down side is the location of the handle screws, can burn your hand if your not careful
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    CCI 4 wing musket caps

    Holy 13 year old thread revival. I found they wont touch off my 1861 pedersoli worth a damn.