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  1. mmb617

    touch hole liners

    I don't worry too much about how others do things. I always remove the liners every time I clean my flint guns but then I also always remove the barrels each cleaning and a lot of guys don't do that. To each their own.
  2. mmb617

    Affordable .50 Cal?

    When I bought my first flintlock a year and a half ago I wanted a cheap one since I didn't know if I'd like shooting them or not. About the cheapest I found at that time was a Traditions Deerhunter for $300. I've had no problems with that gun from day one.
  3. mmb617

    Geting pan flash but not reliable ignition

    I'm not familiar with that rifle but from the comments I assume it has a patent breech. I have a Traditions Kentucky rifle with patent breech that was having way too many pan flashes. I found a cure that some on here will not agree with and that is using 4f as both the prime and the charge. When...
  4. mmb617

    How often do you shoot?

    I belong to both an indoor range and a club with multiple outdoor ranges so I have plenty of opportunity. Shooting in general I usually make it to the indoor range to shoot my modern pistols once a week pretty much year round. I'm no fan of winter so during that time of year I don't get to the...
  5. mmb617

    Thoughts on new muzzleloaders

    I don't know for sure what your question is but I think I would qualify as one who is pretty new to the hobby. I had never fired or even handled a muzzleloader of any kind until a year and a half ago. I didn't have a mentor so when I decided to check out this aspect of the shooting sport I did...
  6. mmb617

    Muzzleloading Newcomers

    I've been on a number of forums for years and still can't understand why anybody gets upset because someone asks a question that they feel has already been previously asked and answered. When I read a thread title if I'm not interested in the topic I simply scroll on by. How difficult is that?
  7. mmb617

    Preferred Cleaning Patches?

    Those are probably about the same as the 2 1/4" Pro Shot ones I buy from Amazon. Currently priced at $12.81/500. I'm cheap but at that price I can't see making my own, and they work great.
  8. mmb617

    Powder grain size effects on velocity

    I did a little of my own testing between my home made 3f and 4f powders. I shot 8 shots of 50 grains of each through my Traditions Deerhunter rifle and got an average of 1167 fps with the 3f and 1206 fps with the 4f. These groups were shot on the same day within an hour of each other. I don't...
  9. mmb617

    When to change touch hole liner?

    I have several Traditions rifles. The one with the most shots on it is a Deerhunter with well over 1000 shots and the touch hole liner still looks new to me. No noticeable wear or problems with performance. I only shoot moderate loads of 50 grains so maybe someone pushing max loads would see...
  10. mmb617

    Unloaded muzzleloader at the range?

    That's exactly what I do. I have a rule of thumb that I will try to get the gun to fire three times while on the firing line. If I have three failures then I go to the bench and run through the procedure you have listed. The range I use has no RSO's and I'm almost always the only one there, but...
  11. mmb617

    English flints

    I bought a bag of 50 which brings the cost per flint below $2. I can't say I found any that were unusable although some will yield more shots than others. I was very happy with the product I got from them.
  12. mmb617

    No longer a virgin!

    What are you guys talking about? I got my first ever flintlock rifle a year and a half ago and waited a whole six weeks before I decided I needed a flintlock pistol to go with it. After that it took another 3 months before I bought another flintlock rifle, and then a couple more after that. OK...
  13. mmb617

    How do you store your flints?

    One of those 7 day plastic pill boxes with one flint in each of the first five compartments and one pre-cut leather pad in each of the last two. The spares at home are just kept in the zip-lock bag they came in.
  14. mmb617

    Traditions Locks

    I can only speak of the Trapper that I have and since I replaced the frizzen soon after I got it due to the poor spark problem I talked about earlier it's become probably my most reliable flintlock. Very seldom does it misfire and it's also very easy on flints. Several times I've gotten over 100...
  15. mmb617

    Traditions Locks

    I have 5 Traditions flintlocks. I bought all of them new. Two of them, the trapper pistol and hawken rifle, I had a real problem getting decent spark right out of the box. I changed the frizzens on both and had no more problems. The other three rifles have worked well from day one. In my opinion...
  16. mmb617

    What brands would you not recommend and why?

    Flintlock Whiskey - May I ask where the second quote in your post #40 came from? It has my username on it but it wasn't posted by me.
  17. mmb617

    What brands would you not recommend and why?

    I've noticed that members here generally do not like Traditions products. I own 4 Traditions rifles and a Traditions Trapper pistol and in general I like them. These are all flintlocks. However, I do think Traditions frizzens are a crap shoot. Some of them don't spark well at all right from day...
  18. mmb617

    Shooting all by one’s lonesome

    You sound a lot like me. I actually prefer to shoot alone, and since I normally go to the club during weekdays I'm often the only one there. Our club has a pretty large black powder contingent and they hold shoots once or twice a month on Saturdays. Those shoots often attract 20+ entries and...
  19. mmb617

    Double dose.

    You are not the only one who does that. I have rifles with 24", 28", 32" and 33.5" barrels so my range rod has four color coded marks on it. I always check the mark after ramming the ball. It's just extra insurance that everything is good to go before stepping to the firing line.
  20. mmb617

    What Does Your Range Bench Set-Up Look Like?

    This old tool box works well to carry what I need for a BP range trip. I know what you mean. I use the splatterburst style targets and can see hits at 25 yds, but need the spotter at 50 yds. At this point in time I can still do all my shooting offhand, but I realize that won't always be...