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    Blackpowder Shooter from Bavaria

    Welcome! Where in Bavaria are you located?
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    If You Went Back In Time . . .

    There are a lot of women in Europe who don't shave or wear deodorant.
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    1/4 scale Napoleon

    That is awesome. May I ask how much you have invested in said project? If not, I understand
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    How do you eat them

    Sweet. Sugar, milk is my go to. Sometimes brown sugar.
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    New from Canada

    Howdy from Maryland
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    dry balled

    That is how I got my first hernia....
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    SOLD A Handsome Powder Horn for sale

    Very nice! What was the reason for using the Chesapeake Bay?
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    New from Maryland

    Howdy neighbor from Carroll County.
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    New member from MD

    Howdy from Carroll County resident here.
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    New to the forum and Muzzleloading

    Howdy from Eldersburg, MD
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    Hello from Kent County, Maryland

    Welcome from Carroll County!
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    Hello from MD.

    Welcome from Carroll County
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    Howdy neighbor from Carroll County.
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    Hog Weights- Interesting

    And what was the weight of that one?
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    Well, I finally dry-balled

    You should have told him you did it to make him feel better....
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    Hello from Maryland.

    Welcome from bucolic Carroll County.
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    Hello from The Peoples Republic of Maryland

    Welcome from Carroll County
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    Region maps are LOUSED UP !

    Couldn't DC be considered Southern between Maryland and Virginia?
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    Tasty tasty Hardtack?!

    Not true Appalachian Hunter. I have King syrup in my cabinet now. Made in New York now, originally in Baltimore. I doubt if you can get it in a paint can size however. The size I have is 32 ounces.