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    CLOSED Kibler Colonial 50 caliber

    Where are you (the seller) located?
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    Greetings From S.E. Texas

    Welcome from Richmond, Texas.
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    Percussion Cap brands

    Over the years I've used Remington 10's for ROA. The primer fell out of half of them. Switched nipples to 11's and never used Rem's again. I've found CCI, CCI Mag, Winchester, Winchester Mags to be essentially interchangeable with little change of impact point or group size shooting Goex...
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    Rendering Bear Fat: How to get Grease instead of Oil?

    Doing my second bear at the moment. The first I rendered a couple of years ago came out a soft, snow white grease. This one is a very pale, yellowish oil. Same equipment, technique and temperature used on both. I would prefer the grease. Is there a way to process a bear to get grease...
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    What brands would you not recommend and why?

    I have a Pedersoli Bess. The lock is terrific, faster than any of the three custom flint rifles I own. So far no problems at all with it. My all time favorite inexpensive rifle is any of the three US made CVA Mt. Rifles I have owned. The first, a .50 cal kit I built in the late 70's has...
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    What to use for a powder measure?

    At the bench, I use an ancient Treso or Cash brass adjustable measure with the floppy funnel attached. Came with a screw in nipple/vent pick which I lost 2-3 decades ago. Never liked the ones where the cone slid over the measure, but that's personal preference because they work just fine. Once...
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    Goex 2F question

    I've shot thousands of rounds through my CVA Mt. Rifle over the last 40+ years. I still get a 2" or better group at 50y and same point of impact using 70g 3f or 80g 2f Goex. As others have mentioned I prefer 3f as there is less fouling. I very rarely have to clean at the range when using 3f...
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    How do you load your muzzleloader?

    I don't have a local shooting club, but do shoot with a rendezvous club several times a year. All shoots are directly from the bag, regardless of the firearm. For the local range (the only one in my area that has a few benches where you can still shoot off-hand) I have a V-notch board that...
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    Howdy from Houston

    Welcome from Richmond, Texas.
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    Hello from eastern Tennessee

    Howdy from Cocke County.
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    GPR vs Mountain Rifle

    I'd go with the CVA MR in .50 caliber. Have had one for 40+ years, 7000+ rounds, still accurate. It would be my first choice. I have two GPR bought used and neither is as accurate as the CVA. No experience with the Browning, but bet parts are real hard to find.
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    Extremely frustrated

    I have a couple GPR, one factory, one kit, both bought used, both 1-66. The kit gun came with only half the muzzle crowned. I should have caught it before I bought it. We recrowned it on a lathe and got the group down to 2"- at 50. These are .54 caliber with .530 ball and 0.13 compressed...
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    CVA Barrel With Bolster Removed, Salvagable or Junk?

    Call Deer Creek and talk with them. They bought up the CVA parts. They can install the bolster/breech plug combo if you send them the barrel.
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    SOLD Leather Haversack

    What type of tan was used for the leather?
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    SOLD H.ASTON .36 cal. squirrel rifle $700. NOW!!!

    What does the left side of the rifle and the bore look like?
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    Hello from East Tennessee

    Welcome from Cosby, Tennessee from a sometimes woodturner and woodworker.
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    NMLRA members

    Member 1978-1998 then the leadership turned it into the Need More Loony Rules Assn. Rejoined 5 years ago to see what has changed. Not much. Since Muzzle Blasts and Muzzleloader Magazines are the only publications left I remain a member to get the magazine. About the only thing I consistently...
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    FFFFFFFFFpowder????? I just have to laugh

    I am late to this thread and don't want to derail it, but would like to insert a fact based on the title. In the late 70's Mountain State Muzzleloading sold 2 or 4oz plastic bottles of FFFFFFFg (7Fg) priming powder in their store, and maybe mail order too. I never used it, but the guy who...
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    Picked up a Jackie Brown Canoe Gun Today

    I also have one of his rifles in flint. There is a gap of 0.022 between the pan and the barrel. On my To Do list to inlet the lock a bit more. Not the sort of fix you'd expect to have to repair given the price. I should have caught it when checking it over.
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    Black Powder at Friendship (?)

    Call and ask. They will be glad to answer your questions. They open at 8am on Monday. (812) 667-5131