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  1. J

    January Postal Match Target

    GaryPL and I shot the target (for the second time) today. I squeaked out a 51 points total. I was jerkin' them balls off target somethin' fierce. Crockett .32 cal 20 grains Goex FFFG home made felt wad lubed with olive oil .015 patch lubed with Ballistol Cast .32 cal round ball.
  2. J

    Revolver photos

    Who made the third one or was it a custom job?
  3. J

    Revolver photos

    Hey JT1200R, What is the Remington that is third from the top?
  4. J

    Revolver photos

    My small collection. I hope to add a 36 caliber Remington 1858 in the next few weeks.
  5. J

    November 2022 Postal Match

    Garypl and I along with some friends shot at this target today. Surprisingly the weather was very nice and we had a fine time. Those turkeys did look like brown specks over my sights though. I shot my Crockett 32 today and have finally found a load that worked very well. Really I just added...
  6. J

    October Postal Match

    Garypl and I shot this target today. Nice crisp morning, although I had a hard time seeing those pumpkins. To my surprise, I actually hit a couple. Today was a good day.
  7. J

    Lyman .50 cal Great Plains pistol

    Hi Walkabout, how well did the shot charges work?
  8. J

    Lyman .50 cal Great Plains pistol

    I have been shooting my Lyman Great Plains pistol in .50 caliber a good bit lately, in between range trips with a percussion revolver. I have to say, the vast majority of recreational shooting I do these days is with some type of blackpowder firearm. I decided to try my hand at making some...
  9. J

    June 2022 Postal Match

    Myself, GaryPL and friends shot this target today. I am finally starting to get the Austin & Halleck Mountain rifle used to me and me used to it. At least these were all on the paper this time. A&H flintlock Mtn Rifle .50 caliber 50 grain Goex FFG Hornady .490 ball .015 pillow ticking lubed...
  10. J

    Shooting the percussion revolvers a lot lately

    I have been shooting some of my percussion revolvers more for the past few months. I find shooting the black powder guns (especially the revolvers) more fun than my modern firearms. I have also acquired a couple of new ones in the past few weeks that are very enjoyable. The video is of...
  11. J

    Mystery guns

    I purchased these two percussion pistols years ago in a pawn shop from $25.00 for the pair. The longer barreled pistol is, I think, a 22 caliber. The shorter barreled gun is a 32 caliber and very crude. The lock has no fly and seems poorly made to me. Both barrels appear to have either been...
  12. J

    Opinions on Carbine size

    Thank you, I own a T/C flintlock Pennsylvania Hunter in 50 caliber with a 1/66 twist. I was unaware they made a carbine. I will need to keep my eyes open for one of the carbines.
  13. J

    Range Rod advice

    Thank you for that link SamTex1949. I just ordered one.
  14. J

    Opinions on Carbine size

    Who manufactured that carbine? I am a sucker for a carbine.
  15. J

    12 Ga Pedersoli shotgun and the Sky Chief Turkey load

    Hi Rfp, I would try it. It may surprise you greatly. I would be interested in hearing your results.
  16. J

    12 Ga Pedersoli shotgun and the Sky Chief Turkey load

    Hi Guys, Skychief and Brit, I did try some loads with just thin over powder and over shot cards. They did not do as well as the Skychief loading method, although I may try something different next time. For now this will work very well for my upcoming hunt. Nobade, Old Hawkeye...
  17. J

    12 Ga Pedersoli shotgun and the Sky Chief Turkey load

    I thought I would post my results with my shotgun using the SkyChief load. I will be using this gun in a few weeks on a turkey hunt and took it out today to see how well it would pattern. The shotgun is a Pedersoli double barrel percussion shotgun purchased from another forum member about a...
  18. J

    December 2021 postal match

    I agree with Lonewalker and 11 corps. We are grateful for your work at setting up the matches. I vote we simply move on and you don't stress yourself over December. The March target looks like fun.
  19. J

    January 2022 Postal Match

    How about calling it the Going Postal club 😙
  20. J

    January 2022 Postal Match

    We got together and shot this today. Got up onto the low 50s and slightly windy. I shot my Traditions Crockett .32 caliber again. Cast .310 roundball 20 grains of Goex FFFG .015 pillow ticking patch lubed with 50/50 Ballistol and water Remington # 11 caps GaryPL and I have a few members of...