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    I bought mine in 1975. Still a tack driver. Great rifles, on par with T/C.
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    round balls don't do well

    In my T/C Silver Elite, I got best results with .018” patches and .490” round balls and 90 grains of Goex FFg. Cloverleaf groups at 50 yards and 2” groups at 100 yards.
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    I wonder why do the price of M1861 vary so much...

    Because they are worth more.
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    Hunting with a percussion rifle

    Half cock. Don't know why everybody has cap trouble. Never had one come off or get loose.
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    Shooting Military rifles like they were designed to be used

    I shoot 50 gr of 2f Swiss, with stock sights.
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    SOLD Euroarms Zouave .58

    It is a 2 band musket.
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    Review: Veteran Arms Handgonne

    Ordered me one- should get here soon. Looking forward to the journey. Off to find hemp cord!
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    Cleaning help - please!

    Don't use brushes that are crimped together and you'll be fine.
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    A Starter Rifle For A Friend

    A .45 would be great to learn on. Investarm rifles are great- I've had one since I was 12- a long time ago! Still shoots great.
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    round balls don't do well

    As I age I find the type of target I choose makes a huge difference.
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    Unreliable Ignition

    I concur.
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    Unreliable Ignition

    I've always swabbed with the rifle flat on the bench, lock up. I use a quality bore brush with water or T/C 13 solvent and run the brush a few times. Then a damp patch, followed by dry patches. I've never had a problem.
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    Hello, noob Flintlocker in NE West Virginia

    Welcome from S. E. WV!
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    50 cal TC 1:48 twist reasonable accuracy?

    This is what I expect as well. Shots should be touching or one ragged hole at 50 yards.
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    WANTED WTB .578 minie mold not Lee

    The Hodgdon is a modern design hollow base Minie.
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    WANTED WTB .578 minie mold not Lee

    The RCBS Hodgdon casts a great Minie.
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    Stuck cleaning brush

    Let history be your guide, I guess.
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    Stuck cleaning brush

    It works like a charm. I didn't just make it up.
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    Hornet Nest Wadding

    You need to wait for a hard freeze or two to be safe- they move underground then.
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    Stuck cleaning brush

    If you make a big ball of cotton string and jam it down the barrel, holding on to one end, it will catch on the brush and you can pull it out.