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  1. n3wyu

    Hello from PA

    Welcome from Washington County PA
  2. n3wyu

    cast iron and glass

    Now that is what I call a breakfast 😋
  3. n3wyu

    Hanging deer with hide on.

    I agree. In my younger days I ruined a lot of deer meat by leaving the hide on. It had a wild taste as some may describe. Started skinning as soon as possible much better.
  4. n3wyu

    Hi from a weaver in PA

    Welcome from South Western Pennsylvania
  5. n3wyu

    Where’s the best place to buy kinnickkinnick?

    Hello from PA You might try Grandfather's Spirit in Minnesota. I've purchased smoking products and herbal teas from them. They are slow but I have always gotten what I ordered.
  6. n3wyu

    New Member from Butler PA

    It's one of my favorite times. Snow and cold I'm ok with but cold and rainy, not a big fan
  7. n3wyu

    New Member from Butler PA

    Welcome from South Western PA, Washington County. I must agree with you I our flintlock season too.
  8. n3wyu

    Question for the "old guys"...Is it just me or are there others?

    My wife and I feel the same way. You are 100% right. Knowing how to do things and where food comes from is good.
  9. n3wyu

    Home security system

    Thank you he's my buddy Thanks He's my buddy always with me.
  10. n3wyu

    Home security system

    This is my security system
  11. n3wyu

    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    Me too. I got mine from JC Penneys in percussion only to find out that in pa you couldn't use it in muzzleloader season because it wasn't considered a primitive weapon, it had to be a flintlock. Look at how things have changed :dunno:
  12. n3wyu

    Hello from Western PA

    Welcome from South Western PA
  13. n3wyu

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Beautiful country
  14. n3wyu

    A warm hello from Italy

    Welcome from South Western Pennsylvania USA
  15. n3wyu


    I like it. Wish I had a sidecar for my harley . I'd be taking my German Shepherd for rides.
  16. n3wyu


    Welcome from SW Pa
  17. n3wyu


    Those poor little guys, have to lay on the couch. Won't the madness end. Lol Looks like my house. Dogs Rule 🐕
  18. n3wyu

    New Guy From Oregon..

    Welcome from South Western Pennsylvania.
  19. n3wyu

    New Pa guy

    Welcome from South Western Pennsylvania
  20. n3wyu

    First build complete

    Beautiful dog