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  1. K

    First crude horn

    That’s a great looking horn!!
  2. K

    Patch and ball or paper cartridge, which one os more accurate

    I have found that my smoothbore- 62 cal fowler likes both prb and paper loads. The catch is it will only shoot the paper well if I use a particular paper for the cartridge. I have a small roll of masking paper the painter used in the shop. They both shoot a very close impact on paper.
  3. K

    Antler powder measures

    Thanks for all the replies. Theres some really nice measures. I kept it simple, drilled holes then a dremel to shape the mouth and get the desired powder amount. Thanks, Kevin
  4. K

    Antler powder measures

    Three different drill buts with 7/16 being the largest. Then finished it to 70 grains with a dremel tool. I couldn’t find my scraper. Nothing fancy but, It was fun to do some muzzleloading stuff again. It’s been a while
  5. K

    Muzzleloader season camp

    Color me envious! Always wanted to do this but couldn’t talk any of my hunting buddies into it. Where are you hunting??
  6. K

    Sgt. York Targets

    The V in the target was simply to denote a center hit. Much like the x on todays target. A perfect score would be 100-10V for example.
  7. K

    Antler powder measures

    It’s been a while since I’ve made any powder measures from antler. I have two to make for my hunting buddies. Both for 70 gr of 3f. I was wondering if if you had a recommendation for drill bit sizes? Last time I started with drill bits then scrapers. I would like to speed the process up a...
  8. K

    First deer with a smoothbore

    Awesome job! I’ve been hunting exclusively with my smoothbore for a few years now, only squirrels so far. Maybe this year a deer Congratulations!!
  9. K

    My amature made gallery.

    The best stuff is handmade stuff. Your gear looks great! Keep it up!
  10. K

    A new Powder Horn (#23)

    What beautiful work!!!
  11. K

    Mountain Men movie Short muzzle loaders?

    This thread prompted me to watch the movie last nite. Corny, hokey, call it what you want its a classic!
  12. K

    Beware the “S N E K” Powder Measure

    Fantastic work!! I can just see the looks on other shooters faces when you pull that out to load up!! Very nice!!
  13. K

    Corn meal - At our last muzzle loading trap shoot one said he was using corn meal instead of cushion wads. It seemed to work.

    So…. Does anyone use a card between powder amd cornmeal/grits/maypoe/oatmeal, cushion? Is there a card between shot and cornmeal/etc. ?? Thanks for the help Kevin
  14. K

    do loaded minnie balls move

    I have hunted with my Zouave for a few years as has my buddy. Neither of us has had a minie move in the bore, even in very cold weather. If you are concerned about it you can always pull the ramrod and check if the bullet is seated. It would only take a few seconds. If nothing else that would...
  15. K

    Powder Horn Project Finished

    Thats a really beautiful horn! Makes me want to go throw rocks at mine hahaha
  16. K

    Classic muzzleloader photos.

    Last years squirrel hunt, with my fowler Great day in the trees but no luck
  17. K

    .58 caliber?

    Because. And muskets are fun!
  18. K

    Your Ideal Hunting Muzzleloader?

    The fowler on the bottom has been my go to for a long time, I just got the Fusil so that will be this years go to. The fowler has killed alot of squirrels still waiting for that deer. Both are .62 smoothbore guns.
  19. K

    Gimme the Scotchbrite Treatment Please

    Has anyone tried either of the JB compounds? They make a bore polishing compound and also a bore cleaning compound. Just curious
  20. K

    SOLD Map Horn of Savannah

    What a beautiful horn!! Your engraving is absolutely fantastic!!