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    Colt 1860 Army reproduction??

    Wow! That pretty much says it all. However early on Val did obtain parts from ASM. In fact later on Colt had a bit of a dust up with ASM using undeliverd addressed barrels on their own products.
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    Colt 1860 Army reproduction??

    I believe the 2nd Gen guns were built in the Colt plant from castings and parts from ASM and as such can be lettered. The 3rd gen guns were built by Lou Imperato here in the U.S. however he had some former Uberti workers in his employee. Lou had an agreement with Colt and built to Colt's...
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    SOLD Uberti 1847 Walker pistol

    Actually it is installed correctly.
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    SOLD New Unfired Pietta 51 Navy .36cal

    That is the Hicock model built to a high standard even for Pietta. A deal at that price. I have 2 or I would be all over it.