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  1. swathdiver

    Hello from South Florida

    So am I!
  2. swathdiver

    Dutch Schoultz : A Mighty Tree Has Fallen In the Forest

    Dutch taught me how to shoot black powder rifles with consistency and make small groups. RIP Dutch, prayers for his family.
  3. swathdiver

    Florida Bound

    Check out the Treasure Coast Muzzleloading Club, they have their own range in Hobe Sound I believe. Some fellas on here are long time members of the Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club, not a muzzleloader club per se but they have great facilities that also cater to smoke poles and cap and ball...
  4. swathdiver

    pedersoli double 20g flint

    Basketweave appeals to my eyes, I'd love to have one. Not sure I want to part with my 1970s Pedersoli to get it yet though.
  5. swathdiver

    Six shooter C&B

  6. swathdiver

    40 caliber gobbler

    Nice rifle and great bird! Thanks for sharing the memories! :thumbsup:
  7. swathdiver

    Cased set of Colt 1860 revolvers.

    Did Colt make these or did someone put this together? Know about the Colt Cavalry 200th Anniversary set of 1860s but never saw these before but that doesn't mean it wasn't so! Thanks for posting.
  8. swathdiver

    My powder is out of stock...

    Last time I bought it, 4 years ago, Graf's is Schuetzen by Wano, says so on the can. Great stuff, burns cleaner than regular Goex, less smoke. We use Goex Olde Eynsford now. I like smoke!
  9. swathdiver

    Wad Selection for Pedersoli 12 gauge

    Spence, what can you tell us about that shot dispenser, was it purpose built or repurposed from something else? I might like to replicate that, would be a fun project.
  10. swathdiver

    A nice double gun

    Very elegant, thanks for sharing. How does she shoot?
  11. swathdiver

    Range box

    I build crates to store our BP supplies. Their interior dimensions are 19x12x8. Such can hold up to 9 sixguns or 4 to 6 with enough shooting supplies for a day at the range with all of them and then some. Built from 3/4" pine boards (2 - 8' x 11.25"), they are stackable and use braided...
  12. swathdiver

    5" barrel 1858 thoughts

    Same here, the round balls fly supersonic! Ted Cash Universal Straight Line Capper works just fine for Pietta Remington sixguns.
  13. swathdiver

    5" barrel 1858 thoughts

    I keep a Spiller & Burr and Colt Pocket Police for the folks with smaller hands. The Pietta NMA is the same size frame regardless or barrel length or caliber. Fine for familiarity and parts. The .36 with the 6-1/2" barrel is probably my favorite to shoot followed by the 8" .44. But that may...
  14. swathdiver

    Recommendations on SxS?

    Navy Arms marketed and sold both Pietta and Pedersoli shotguns. Point being, describing the gun as Navy Arms does not accurately describe what it is or who made it. The Pietta shotgun, the version made from the 1970s until at least the 1980s was patterned after the Westley Richards SxS...
  15. swathdiver

    Recommendations on SxS?

    Based on this criteria I think your best option will be a 12 gauge gun. A 10 bore would be better for water fowl but some ranges will not allow you to shoot 10 gauges and if you're going to shoot skeet more than ducks... Pedersoli in the 1970s made a lightweight 12 gauge shotgun, weighed just...
  16. swathdiver

    My first hare hunt.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this experience! :hatsoff:
  17. swathdiver

    Any information on Campbell Cannons

    Not heard of them before but sure do have nice cannons and the various parks and museums seem well pleased.
  18. swathdiver


    Same here! Have purchased several horn kits for my children and he made sure they were perfect.
  19. swathdiver

    NMLRA Renewal

    I reckon that they already know about the clubs and the traditional rifles but have no interest in them. As they admit, the sole purpose is to extend their hunting season and they desire a weapon as close to a modern rifle as possible.
  20. swathdiver

    NMLRA Renewal

    Like when the biologists come up with the brilliant plan to introduce a foreign species into our local lands to combat X, this species always wipes out the indigenous ones. Let the inlines have their own magazine and clubs, keep ours pure. They are a lazy man's muzzleloader.