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    Packing Peanuts?

    Run some water on one. If it melts it's not synthetic.
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    First and Last Barrel Channel Finished.....Pic Heavy

    That's a really nice job. I think you should do some more.
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    Were percussion single shots carried capped?

    Drilling a hole in a regular cap tin works. I read about it on this forum and tried it. It's a good idea.
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    Were percussion single shots carried capped?

    It's easy enough to test how much of a blow is needed to fire a cap with the hammer down on a cap or down on a piece of leather over the cap. Just be sure the weapon is empty and pointed in the proverbial safe direction.
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    Drying powder

    I had some damp powder and it's winter here. I spread it on metal pie plates from Goodwill and put it in my Little Chief smoker for a couple of hours. It's bone dry now. I suppose any kind of non flaming heated cabinet or oven would work but you probably shouldn't use the kitchen stove. I...
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    An original! Priced piece in my collection

    That's a really nice old musket. It has sure not been military issued in its many years.
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    Pirate special

    Is it rifled or smooth? Pretty easy to polish out a rough spot if it's smooth.
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    Pirate special

    Dixie has a lot of odd generic springs. Probably something that could be made to work. Really neat old pistol.
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    Lead solder in tinware

    I personally would eat from it but not cook. Cooking might melt the solder.
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    Fair asking price? TC Hawken kit

    Plug the barrel holes and go hunting. You don't have to worry about dinging it up or getting a little rust on it.
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    Found an original double rifle

    If you can afford it, just buy it and hope for the best. Otherwise give it a month or so and if it hasn't sold the shop may be more reasonable about the price and letting you take it down.
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    Slow Match Help!

    I am having really good results with hemp cord from Joanne's Fabric. It works OK right off of the spool but better if bucked and treated with potassuim nitrate. Follow the suggestions posted here for that. Our club had a fun shoot recently, very informal, and my homemade matchlock was fired...
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    SOLD Traditions Deerhunter Muzzleloading Rifle 50 Caliber Percussion 24" Blued Barrel Synthetic Stock Black

    Krylon has a bown spray paint for plastic. I used it on a CVA Stalker - it looks better in brown I think. Way cheaper than a wood replacement.
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    Rifle Shoppe Hackenbusche

    It looks good to me. I like it a lot.
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    Where’s the best place to buy kinnickkinnick?

    This outfit sells all kinds of mixtures. They do list the ingredients. Interesting.
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    Cemetery guns

    I wonder if I could set one up on an elk trail. Probably not.
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    Small caliber smoothbores?

    So just load with a round ball and carry some shot with you. If you get checked show the shot and say the only way you can unload the gun is by shooting it. No problem.
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    Small caliber smoothbores?

    I once shot an adult jack rabbit through the ear with a .177 pellet gun. It did not hit any other part of the rabbit but it was laying on the ground kicking. It doesn't take much if you are lucky I guess. Nuthatch is talking about a .410 equivalent and those do kill ok within their limits.
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    So many idiots on YouTube

    For entertainment only, look up "smokeless powder in a muzzleloader" by Redneck Scientist. It is beyond amazing what a CVA Kentucky rifle can withstand. Again, entertainment only. The positive result is that it resolved any doubts I might have had about the safety of a few old Spanish guns...
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    What did I buy?

    Shucks, the $350 would have been a good price. Wow.