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    Reaction score ?

    What does it mean and what is it,s purpose?
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    Lyman current quality?

    How has Lyman,s quality control and customer service been this year?We have heard all of the horror stories on quality and fit and finish the last several years and I was wonderin if they got their act together yet?I took a quick glance at a DeerStalker the other day and from what I could see it...
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    Posting link?

    I can,t find the post a ad link so I can post a ad.
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    T/C patent breech?

    Do you guys lube in the p/breech when you lube the barrel?A friend of mine lets his lube ooze down in the breech when he lubes his rifle.I clean real good and lube the barrel but wondered how you guys maintain the breech.
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    Touching up stocks?

    I got a Renegade with beutifull wood that has some handling bumps and small scuff marks.Some are deeper than others but none are deeper than what I would say is 1/16th of an inch.Is there anything I can do w/out havin to redo the whole stock?I don,t want it to look tacky with a bunch of touchups...
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    T/C Agate flints.

    Isn,t it true that was they chip or crack they need tossed?I read that you can grind them to restore the edge.These are the manufactured ones I,m talkin about.
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    Dating Renegade.

    Do any of you all know how to date a Renny with the serial #? A friend of mine has one he bought new in the 70,s and his appears older than mine by lookin at the sites.I bought mine used from a fella that said he bought it in the 80,s.But mine has a lower serial #.
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    Ad is gone.

    I had a ad in the Firearms Wanted section and see that it is now gone and didn,t remove it,what happened?
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    New Guy from Pa.

    Love this site and finally joined up. :) Goin thru w/drawls bein that our beloved flinty season is over. :(