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    Weird Wood

    Bought a hard, maple blank for my 8th LR build and had the bbl and RR hole in and was starting to remove wood from behind the bbl....took a chisel cut and a 1/16" layer of wood lifted up. Seeing I had more wood to remove, I started the chisel and another layer popped up. Thought about...
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    My early attempts at a Bucks County LR

    Shown is one of 2 early attempts of a BC ....used a "C" weight bbl and a TG and Bplate that weren't suitable. After these 2 "BCs", found a TG and Bplate that req'd a little work to convert them to BCs. I think Knob Mountain now has both a BC TG and handy and am looking forward to...
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    FOR SALE New Bucks County LR...reduced price.....SPF

    Newly built Bucks County LR. Stock from a plain, hard maple blank. BBL.....Rice .50 cal., "B" weight X 46" . Lock....Chambers, Golden Age. This LR has all the BC features and is fully carved and engraved. A very slender and petite LR as a BC should be. LOP....13-3/4". and trigger pull is 2-1/2...
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    No longer building, but this pic......

    Due to very bad eyesight, I'm no longer able to build MLers which I've enjoyed doing for the past 46 years. After a shaky start due to over confidence { was a toolmaker}, finally settled down and built a few MLers. The pic shows 2 blanks and bbls, one partially completed LR and the finished LR...
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    Making a front sight for aging eyes

    Used this front sight in the later years of squirrel hunting and seeing I liked 6 pcs of meat from each squirrel, head shots were mandatory. This sight is composed of 3 pcs....the base, blade and sterling silver insert which is soft soldered in and has a light gathering face angle The base has...
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    FOR SALE New Bucks County LR

    Bucks County LR completed 9 mos ago. Built from a plain maple blank, Rice .50 cal. "B" weight swamped bbl X 46", Chambers Golden Age lock, "iron" parts are cold browned and brass parts are slightly aged. Engraving by my friend, Tim Adlam of Oshkosh, WI. Parts made by me....Pbox w/ BC...
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    FOR SALE NEW Bucks County LR

    New Bucks County LR made by me. ...F. Lehto is engraved on bbl. Maple stock from a blank. Rice bbl.....50 cal., "B" weight swamped bbl X46". Lock....Chambers Golden Age. Parts made by me.....Pbox and BC toe release, 3 RR pipes, M cap, sideplate, trigger and plate, sterling silver star and...
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    FOR SALE Bucks County Styled LR

    Bucks County Styled BBL....Rice .50 cal.,"B" swamped X 46" lg. Lock....Chambers Golden Age. Brass Hardware...slightly aged. All steel {iron} parts are browned. Parts made by me.....Pbox and lid release, sideplate, {3} RR pipes ,Mcap, trigger plate and trigger. Engraving by Tim Adlam...
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    Tastiest game bird?

    Have eaten nearly all the game birds including pheasant, ruffed and blue grouse, quail, woodcock, chukars, turkeys and Hungarian partridge and enjoyed them all. But the one game bird that tastes the best to me are quail. Not so many years ago Wisconsin had quite a few quail and I hunted them...
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    The inefficiences of Flintlocks

    Although I have both caplocks and flintlocks, I prefer flintlocks despite the flintlocks inefficiencies. The following explains the 2 causes of the inefficiencies of a flintlock rifle and the internal ballistics of a flintlock. The prime is ignited which in turn ignites the main charge...
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    Lamb Stew, anybody?

    I'm a "lamb lover" and can blame my parents for my addiction seeing we ate a lot of the various cuts of lamb. My favorite lamb meal is stew and my Dad made the best ever and that's the opinion of many people, even some who originally didn't like lamb. My Dad's lamb stew was light colored...
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    Slow Progress

    Started working on my Bucks County LR again after a couple years of not doing a thing.....had more important issues to contend w/. The work has slowed down a lot and not because of the layoff, but because of my failing eyesight. What formerly took an hour now takes 3 hrs. Just made a Mcap and...
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    Recent trigger build &test

    Because of Photobucket's complications, went to another free photo storage site and am just now trying it out.
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    Leisurely or hard hunt?

    No longer hunt but think back when I went on MLer elk self hunts in mostly CO and seeing the application success was based on a lottery and number of preference points system and was usually successful every 3-4 yrs, the hunt was a treasured event. Starting w/ the long trip to CO well ahead of...
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    Lamb...cold or hot

    My Mother at Easter always invited the family over for an "Easter Feast" and indeed it always was. The 2 meat entrees were a baked ham and a leg of lamb....both were done to perfection. My Mother had a restaurant for many years and my Dad was a restaurant manager having "climbed the ladder" from...
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    Factory Stocks

    When viewing TOW's consignment sales, they also show factory guns for "fill in" spots. When viewing these factory guns, the thought always comes to mind that many of the stocks of certain models are downright horrible looking. By far the worst is the Lyman Deerstalker followed by the GPR. From...
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    MLers before and after building

    Was looking through some pics and found the pic shown below.....was a lot younger then, had a fulltime job and my own in house design business and raised 5 kids. Today at 85 I can't even imagine doing all that. Always had a few LRs waiting ....the bbls were inlet and the RR work was also done...
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    Favorite Build?

    Although the Bucks County LR shown below was made and sold long ago, I was fortunate in taking a few pics enabling me to view it every so often. It was one of my early attempts at making a BC LR and is not altogether correct. Do other builders have their favorite? Would like to see them......Fred
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    pasties {the food kind}

    Just put 8 pasties in the oven and 2 will be our supper and 6 will be frozen. Pasties are probably the "perfect" meal away from home and were introduced by the Welsh miners working in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the tradition was carried on by the later arriving Finns. The pasty is a...
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    Keeping it simple

    Have been shooting MLers since 1976 and really didn't do all that much experimentation to arrive at accurate loads and a cleaning procedure that really does the job of producing rust free bores and metal exteriors. ...short and long term. Use plain old hot water, a wire brush, wet and dry...