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  1. Mulebrain

    New Toy Arriving This Week

    Great looking rifle, dig the wood
  2. Mulebrain

    My Apprentice and Her English Fowler

    That is awesome! Reading by candlelight is one of my favorites, while reading the book.
  3. Mulebrain

    Short Sword

    I just acquired this sword, and was told by a guy who collects original Civil War swords what he thinks. He said the blade is very old high carbon steel, and probably dates from around the 1800's. He said origin is probably Greek. It appears this sword is some type of Gladius type sword, based...
  4. Mulebrain

    SOLD 1858 Remington Pistol In .36 Caliber Sweet!

    Barrel is 6.5" On the cabin build, I put a build thread on survivalist boards. I would put it up here, but that is a lot of pic uploads
  5. Mulebrain

    SOLD 1858 Remington Pistol In .36 Caliber Sweet!

    Almost forgot, comes with minty leather holster as well
  6. Mulebrain

    SOLD 1858 Remington Pistol In .36 Caliber Sweet!

    This pistol is near mint, cannot tell if fired. Has a slight blemish as pointed on on the right side of barrel. 350.00 plus 15.00 ship
  7. Mulebrain

    CVA mountain rifle?

    Deer Creek products may have whats missing
  8. Mulebrain

    Don Stith

    pm sent
  9. Mulebrain

    SOLD Markwell Arms Company 45 Caliber Black Powder Rifle

    Darn it I always forget it! People should know my cabin by now, but any how............
  10. Mulebrain

    My Loving Wife...

    Have a couple of them, and yes on the .520 ball. Nice wife to have for sure