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  1. Bearkiller

    Winter Approaches, November Shoot Montana

    Another great video! Keep 'em coming.
  2. Bearkiller

    Traditions wire primer retention ring.

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, we do not discuss in-line guns here. You would be better off checking out our sister forum Modern Muzzleloader Muzzleloading Forum
  3. Bearkiller

    Record cap price

    I went to a gun show last Sat where the only vendor with BP supplies had #11 caps for $15 a tin. I've got a couple thousand caps in my stash, so I passed. He also had a couple of 1860 Army's for $400-450 which I also passed on. Crazy prices out here on the left coast. The local Bass Pro shop has...
  4. Bearkiller

    Cabela's Hawken by Investarms

    I have 2 friends that shoot Cabela's Hawkins. They are excellent rifles. Never a problem with them. Take a bore light with you to check out that rifle. The outside can look great, but the bore determines the true value of the gun.
  5. Bearkiller

    Fall Flintlock Shoot In Montana

    Real nice video. Love the music.
  6. Bearkiller

    Questions for the guys that can "shoot all day" without swabbing

    I used to shoot 2F Goex and had to swab about every 5 shots. I switched to 3F Goex and no longer had to swab at all. I use a .490 ball with a .010 patch.
  7. Bearkiller

    Gun Builder Mike Davis

    Yeah, I'll not be contracting a gun build ever again. It took about two years, after my deal fell through with Mike Davis, that I found a custom-made rifle from a club member for only $700. It has a Rice barrel, Siler lock, Davis triggers, steel fittings and a maple stock. Can't hardly buy...
  8. Bearkiller

    A barrel symbol ive seen?

    Looks like a Green Mountain Rifle stamp.
  9. Bearkiller

    Gun Builder Mike Davis

    I had a similar experience with him a couple of years ago. In my case I gave him $2000 up front through PayPal, backed by a credit card, and was told it would only be a 45-day build. What's the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true...." Anyways after a year of trading texts with him I...
  10. Bearkiller

    New to me, Traditions Tennessee, carbine?

    I've got 2 Tennessee rifles in cap and flint. Keep the touch hole clear and you'll get good service from the flint. Great little guns.
  11. Bearkiller

    Lyman trade rifles

    I just checked Lyman's website and there are no muzzleloaders listed
  12. Bearkiller

    Identifying muzzle loader breach types

    Your T/C and most imported guns have a Patent Breech. Similar to the CVA breech shown below. I've seen people make curved scrapers for these but don't recall the dimensions. You really can't hurt the breech with a brass scraper.
  13. Bearkiller

    I bought a Lyman GP pistol from them about 7 years ago. They had the lowest price at the time and it shipped the day after the order was placed.
  14. Bearkiller

    Please help me streamline my little collection...

    I think the rear sight on the A&H is on backwards. The TC will always have a better resale value than the A&H.
  15. Bearkiller


    I have their #18 catalog that I bought in 2017. This was the last year they put out the catalog. I think it just became too expensive for them to deal with.
  16. Bearkiller


    Ordered some flints and balls last Thursday night they just arrived tonight Monday. Always have had good service from them.
  17. Bearkiller

    Faa Boom

    Video pretty much covers it. We need to know a little more about your rifle. Where is the flash hole located in the pan? How much powder do you put in the pan? Sometimes enlarging the flash hole can help with ignition.
  18. Bearkiller

    .490" ball with .010" patch ?

    I've used a .490 ball with a .010 patch since I first started shooting in the late '80,s. Makes it easy to load and I can shoot all day without swabbing. As far as accuracy I really can't say if a tighter patch makes a difference since I've never used one but I can't believe it makes that much...
  19. Bearkiller

    I pulled the trigger. Hope I did'nt screw up!

    Investarms makes Lyman guns, so you did good. Basically, the same rifle with the dual triggers you prefer.
  20. Bearkiller

    SOLD Bag and Horn by CLA members

    Contemporary Longrifle Association