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  1. J

    Good barrel or tomato stake?

    If I had made that barrel, I would be ashamed to tell it. Send it back.
  2. J

    Finally Found That Antique Anvil I Been Huntin'

    If my memory is correct, If it's made after 1910 it will say made in England. If it says Solid Wrought in a circle instead of straight lines That also tell something about when it was made but can't remember the date of that. I've got it's bigger brother, mine weighs 140 lbs. Great find. They...
  3. J

    Dream Tools--What do you yearn for?

    I can remember dreaming of having a lathe and a milling machine. I ended up having my own machine shop for almost 30 years. I'm retired now and getting old, yesterday I gave my oldest son 3 milling machines and 4 lathes. I will still have access to them if I get the urge to make something. I...
  4. J

    Minnie in a smoothie

    My experience with them in a smooth bore is that hit sideways or what ever direction they choose. Jack
  5. J

    Need recommendation on getting my first flintlock

    My first flintlock is a Jacob Dickert that I built myself. As much as I love it, if I had it to do over my choice would the one I'm building now Which is a Fusil de Chasse smooth bore. If you want a rifle build that. But don't overlook the smooth bores, they are more fun for my old eyes. Jack
  6. J

    Fusil de Chasse and English Smoothbores

    Talk to Pathfider on this forum, He's been building some really nice FDC's. All I can say is, If you start looking at the French fusils they start to grow on you and you will end up with one. Jack
  7. J

    Question on pedersoli Charleville vs 1795 Springfield

    I haven't handled the Pedersoli but my understanding is that the 1795 springfield is idendical to the 1766 Charleville, except markings. Don't know if Pedersoli stayed true to that or not. I love The Charleville's. The French for one time in history was ahead of all the rest when it comes to...
  8. J

    My new leadslinger should be here today - Party like it's 1777

    You lucky dog. Where did you find this fine piece? Jack
  9. J

    FLINTLOCK FOWLERS, the First Guns Made in America,

    That is a beautiful Fusil, Hope mine comes out that well Jack
  10. J

    FLINTLOCK FOWLERS, the First Guns Made in America,

    This thread is getting a bit old. Just to let you all know, I decided on a Fusil de Chasse. Don't stare at them too much. They become irresistible. Jack
  11. J

    SOLD New build Fusil de Chasse

    Pathfinder, you are getting to be so good at this, I'm using your images for inspiration for the FDC that I am building. Thanks for the great work. Jack PS: I'm in Wilkes County
  12. J

    My Custom Fussil de Chase

    Thanks for the images. If you look close it seem that this gun has two tang bolts and the trigger guard is different from those of the usual hunting gun that I usually see on the net while searching for images for my build. The cock ,lock plate, the pan and frizzen sprng finalley are also seem...
  13. J

    Fusil Barrel Lugs

    Thanks for the info. I had already realized I had barrel thickness in the octagon section for a dovetail but for the three front lugs, the barrel is .070 to .081 thick. Thinking of making front lugs from .040 steel sheet metal. As per your advice I will solder them. After all it is only holding...
  14. J

    Fusil Barrel Lugs

    I'm in the process of building a Fusil de Chasse hunting gun 20 Ga. Does any of you know how the (original) barrel lugs were attached to the barrel? Dove tail brazed or soldered ect. Jack
  15. J

    Mink Oil Paste

    Just tried it yesterday with patched round ball in a .69 cal. musket. Seem to work great so far. Jack
  16. J

    Tanner Ball Molds

    SMO, the problem was that the recess on one half of the mold was bored .010 over size for the boss on the other half that is supposed to line up the two half. This allow the balls to be jimmer jawed making them way over size in one direction. Again, they are great folks with a great product. Jack
  17. J

    1728 French Musket

    I got my 1766 Charleville from Accsess Heritage about 3 wks ago. I didn't have any trouble drilling the touch hole. I tapped mine and installed a vent liner. I used acetone to remove the finish and stained the stock with fiebings dark brown leather die. It now looks just like black walnut...
  18. J

    Tanner Ball Molds

    About 3 wks ago I ordered two ball molds from They came yesterday. I was very pleased with one but had a problem with the other one. I emailed them and explained the problem. They emailed me right back and said another mold would be made as quickly as possible, no questions...
  19. J

    1728 French Musket

    Thanks FlinterNick, A Kit would be a good way to go, It might not have some of the things that can't be undone. Jack