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  1. Brownwl

    De-Horning Book

    It can be stressful on the men doing the work as well, Especially if you don't have a headchute.
  2. Brownwl

    What to use for a powder measure?

    Black rifle powder is measured by volume, not weight.
  3. Brownwl

    What to do?

    I've always used Homer Danglers Browning solution ( Log Cabin Shop sells it ). Never any issues if the enclosed directions are followed. It is a cold brown.
  4. Brownwl

    Best pattern yet

    Not trying to hijack this op, but my fusil is throwing " donut" patterns Haven't had a lot of time to really work on a load yet. Started out with 75 gr. Of 3 F Graf ( sheutzen) , 90 gr. ( By volume) of #4 shot. After reading some of the replies here, I may reduce my charge by ten gr., and...
  5. Brownwl

    Problems with Flint & Steel

    I have removed the lock from my rifle to strike a fire. Works quickly and surely. Assuming your works are dry
  6. Brownwl

    SOLD Tomahawk for sale SPF

    By design, handles must be started from the top down. Small end of handle thru the top of the eye first. That's the only way to fit one.
  7. Brownwl

    SOLD Tomahawk for sale SPF

    As promised, here are pics of the top and bottom of the head. You should be able to see the bottom of the head is very snug to the haft. There was only a little play in the fit before I added the shim. I'm certain that a soaking in coal oil would have remedied the issue. As well as pouring the...
  8. Brownwl

    SOLD Tomahawk for sale SPF

    I'll post one later this morning
  9. Brownwl

    SOLD Tomahawk for sale SPF

    Yes. I got the handle you see in the hawk from TOTW. It's a friction fit with a small shim. Very tight.
  10. Brownwl

    SOLD Tomahawk for sale SPF

    I have a tomahawk for sale. Purchased from the Long Cabin Shop many years ago. Alloy ( 4140?) steel. Takes a good edge. Good throwing hawk. Supposed copy of a French type hawk. Asking $75.00 shipped to the lower 48.
  11. Brownwl

    FOR SALE Knife n sheath reduced price

    Knife n sheath for sale. Russel/ Green River blade ,antler handle with pewter finial. Sharp, thin blade about 6" long. Two steel pins attaching blade to handle. Not finely finished. But still looks good. Should last for years with proper use. $55.00 shipped to lower 48. Reasonable offers considered.
  12. Brownwl

    FOR SALE .54 cal early rifle by Joe Schell.......Sold

    It's a beautiful piece ! Thank you
  13. Brownwl

    WITHDRAWN Belt knife
  14. Brownwl

    WITHDRAWN Belt knife

    I have for sale a Green River Belt knife. 6" blade, O.A.L 9". Pewter bolster, two steel pins. Six to eight oz. Vegtan sheath, handsewn with waxed linen thread. Not finely finished, but solid and SHARP. $70.00 shipped to lower 48. U.S.P.S money order only please. Reasonable offers considered...
  15. Brownwl

    Rifeleman's Knife

    Magnificent cutlery.
  16. Brownwl

    FOR SALE A tip Curtis 40 cal 1800.00

    What is the L.O.P on this rifle. Is shipping included with the asking price ?
  17. Brownwl

    Graf and sons Swiss gunpowder ???

    Evidently, they must have sold out before getting my order filled. It's been four weeks.
  18. Brownwl

    Graf and sons Swiss gunpowder ???

    Hope this is the correct forum...... Last month , 25, June, I ordered 4# of Swiss gunpowder. According to my account, my order is still pending. According to their website, they have been inundated with e-mails concerning shipments of Hazmat goods, and are currently running 7 or so days out. My...