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  1. Brownwl

    SOLD Tomahawk for sale SPF

    I have a tomahawk for sale. Purchased from the Long Cabin Shop many years ago. Alloy ( 4140?) steel. Takes a good edge. Good throwing hawk. Supposed copy of a French type hawk. Asking $75.00 shipped to the lower 48.
  2. Brownwl

    FOR SALE Knife n sheath reduced price

    Knife n sheath for sale. Russel/ Green River blade ,antler handle with pewter finial. Sharp, thin blade about 6" long. Two steel pins attaching blade to handle. Not finely finished. But still looks good. Should last for years with proper use. $55.00 shipped to lower 48. Reasonable offers considered.
  3. Brownwl

    WITHDRAWN Belt knife
  4. Brownwl

    WITHDRAWN Belt knife

    I have for sale a Green River Belt knife. 6" blade, O.A.L 9". Pewter bolster, two steel pins. Six to eight oz. Vegtan sheath, handsewn with waxed linen thread. Not finely finished, but solid and SHARP. $70.00 shipped to lower 48. U.S.P.S money order only please. Reasonable offers considered...
  5. Brownwl

    Graf and sons Swiss gunpowder ???

    Hope this is the correct forum...... Last month , 25, June, I ordered 4# of Swiss gunpowder. According to my account, my order is still pending. According to their website, they have been inundated with e-mails concerning shipments of Hazmat goods, and are currently running 7 or so days out. My...
  6. Brownwl

    Horn in progress.

    Been fiddling with this for a while. About 80% finished.
  7. Brownwl

    Little friction folder

    Walnut dyed antler, copper rivet, 2 1/2" blade was purchased from a well known and reputable merchant in the Living history arena. Good little, carbon steel blade. It will shave.
  8. Brownwl

    TRADE .685" RB, for .600"

    I have several 25 count bags if .685" cast round balls that I would like to trade for some .600" balls. No cash transactions, just a simple trade, one for one. Thank you
  9. Brownwl

    Need ridgepole info for 6' x 9' A frame tent.

    I have a 6' x 9' A frame tent. If one of you fine folks would be kind enough to share with me the length of 2"×4" I need as well as the spacing of the two holes that accept the upright post pins. Yes. I could unfold it, lay it out and determine what is needed. But.......I thought I would try the...
  10. Brownwl

    Brown Bess and Skychief shot loads

    Patterned my Bess using the Skychief recipe. 1 3/4 oz. of #5, 90 gr. 3f gunpowder. At 25 yards, from a rest, The big smoothbore anywhere from 10 (lowest count) to 15 ( highest count) solid hits in the head and neck region. Now.............if I do my part, she will surely do hers !
  11. Brownwl

    FOR SALE Belt and saber lower price

    Up for your consideration is a Confederate sword and belt. The belt was purchased from C&D Jarnigan. It's an enlisted man's belt with shoulder strap, complete hanger and brass rectangular CSA buckle. Belt will fit a waist from approx. 34"- 38", with plenty of room to add holes for up to a...
  12. Brownwl

    SOLD P58 sword bayonet SPF

    Fits Italian 2 band Enfield and Muskegon. I "aged" the bayonet and scabbard. Great shape, great quality
  13. Brownwl

    SOLD P58 sword bayonet

    Sword bayonet for P58 and musketoon. Great quality. Gutta percha grips. I've " aged "the bayonet and scabbard. Will not quite fit a Parker Hale rifle but fit my Euroarms musketoon perfectly, and I would assume it will fit any Italian made 58 ( 2 band Enfield) $90.00 shipped in CONUS.
  14. Brownwl

    FOR SALE P53 bayonet and scabbard

    I have a bayonet and 7 rivet scabbard up for grabs. A little surface rust but no pitting. Mainstream quality. $45.00 shipped in CONUS.
  15. Brownwl

    SOLD Brown Bess bayonet. SPF

    Brown Bess bayonet. Very snug fit on my Pedersoli 2nd pattern. A little judicious filing should remedy that. Picked it up in trade n don't need it. $50.00 shipped in CONUS.
  16. Brownwl

    Thank you for allowing me to join

    Hello from the Bluegrass. Thanx for allowing me to join. I was a member some years ago, decided to come back.