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  1. Banjoman

    How do you store your flints?

    I keep a few in a flint wallet, some more in a plastic jar and the rest are still in the ground, up behind the barn whenever I need them.
  2. Banjoman

    Hello from tennessee

    Howdy from East Tennessee
  3. Banjoman

    What brands would you not recommend and why?

    Wow! I had a $700 India made Fusil de Chasse for several years that was way better than that. I used it for squirrel hunting and plinking and never had a problem with it.
  4. Banjoman

    CVA Hawkens Pics

    Oh yeah. I would fix it up and shoot it!
  5. Banjoman

    CVA Hawkens Questions

    I have a .50 caliber CVA Gamester Hawken and it’s a dandy little gun. It’s probably very similar to yours. Could we see a full picture of your gun? On March 10, 2022, in the percussion rifle section, I posted a thread (Gamester Hawken) about my CVA. It looks like it had once been owned by a...
  6. Banjoman

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I think that’s how they should look.
  7. Banjoman

    What are your excuses please.

    Never needed an excuse. My wife likes guns too.
  8. Banjoman

    What’s not to like?

    I like purt near everything made to shoot blackpowder that falls within the scope of this forum.
  9. Banjoman

    My amature made gallery.

    You did great! Good looking gear! I prefer homemade accoutrements to store bought any day. Making stuff is just as much fun as shooting in my book. So far I’ve made powder, ball, patches and wadding, lube, measures, starters, horns, bags and flints. Haven’t made caps or a gun. Building a...
  10. Banjoman

    Thompson Center Muzzleloaders Pros & Cons

    Here it is. It could easily be my favorite muzzleloader. I feel like Jeremiah Johnson every time I pick it up.
  11. Banjoman

    Thompson Center Muzzleloaders Pros & Cons

    I have a .50 caliber Thompson Center Hawken that I really like even if it doesn’t look like a real Hawken. It looks good to me. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t cap the nipple in the half cock position. The hammer sits too close to the nipple in half cock. I recently helped a...
  12. Banjoman

    presicion target shooting

    Howdy from East Tennessee. A great thing about this hobby is that you are in essence, a hand loader on each shot. Working up a load to suit your needs can be challenging, enlightening and fun. You can work up a load for close range plinking, hunting or long range competition.
  13. Banjoman

    Hello from East Tennessee

    Howdy from East Tennessee
  14. Banjoman

    What to use for a powder measure?

    That’s a fact.
  15. Banjoman

    What to use for a powder measure?

    Some store bought adjustable measures. Some homemade wooden measures. Two 75gr, two 60gr and a 20gr. Three more homemade measures. A 60gr bamboo measure, a 50gr deer antler measure and a 50gr elk antler measure.
  16. Banjoman

    What to use for a powder measure?

    The cap from this sharpie marker holds a little over 50 grains.
  17. Banjoman

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Thanks. I usually pick up a handful of different sizes when I go to the range. They’re good for lots of small projects.
  18. Banjoman

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    A couple short starters I made today from scraps I had in the shop. One is made from a car gear shifter. The “Liberty” starter has a component from a wore out pair of overalls.
  19. Banjoman

    Share your Hat “Embellishments”

    This, my favorite hat, is embellished with over ten years of sweat, campfire smoke, blood, dust, mud, hay and mold. I’ve thought about getting rid of it several times before but just can’t do it. I’m wearing this hat in a short video I posted on this forum a while back shooting a flintlock...
  20. Banjoman

    A new Powder Horn (#23)

    Don’t admit to cracking it yourself. Create a story to go with it, something like “I came face to face with the biggest black bear ever seen in the Smoky Mountains. Before I could raise my gun to fire, he swung at me with a great big paw and knocked me down over a cliff. I landed right on my...