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  1. J

    I am totally…..

    Dixie Gun Works has the nipples you need. Catalog number TR1402 1/4 x 28 lightning fire musket nipple. It’s branded as Traditions but it’s the correct threads and any length difference should be negligible. Website shows $19.25 In Stock.
  2. J

    First French Scalper attempt

    Lovely work! That handle is great!
  3. J

    Is it uncool to use Pyrodex?

    I bet you like Chevy trucks, too. (Glaring angrily from behind my Blue Oval 😡)
  4. J

    where to find musket nipple to fit TC Hawkin 50 cal.

    Dixie Gun Works item number TR1402. $19.25, In Stock. Package says Traditions, but the threads are the correct size and length difference is probably negligible.
  5. J

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Before I joined the Army, I attended Murray State University as a history major. The first day of my freshman year, I spied a man in full native dress with appropriate accouterments and face paint in the hallway. That was (then associate professor) Ted Belue. I got to spend an entire semester...
  6. J

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Not a historical period project, but muzzleloader-related; today I replaced the decorative leather lacing on my knife sheath. My Buck 110 has been my constant companion for many years. The sheath was really showing it’s age and the leather lacing finally snapped. Not being a period piece, I...
  7. J

    How I made my Felt Hats

    Thank you! That was a great write-up. Very detailed.
  8. J

    Little bit different ROA

    That squareback trigger guard just gives me the fizz!
  9. J

    Need suggestions on which revolvers to buy

    Dragoons rarely disappoint. Buy it and enjoy!
  10. J

    Down & Dirty Powder Horn

    That’s a great looking horn. I admire the more ornate horns, but my guns are all business and I prefer my accoutrements the same. Well done!
  11. J


    Graf and Sons Reloading in Mexico, Missouri. Dixie Gun Works doesn’t have it listed on their online catalog, you’ll have to call them to order. Deer Creek Products sometimes has it available. Website says to call for availability.
  12. J

    Triple owe yourself a 1lb

    I like Triple Seven, but don’t shoot much of it. Around here, I only see it on the shelves in the fall for deer season. The in-line guys seem to snatch it up pretty quickly. I’ve also tried the T7 pellets. Seems to be a decent product. I may try to scare up another pound this weekend since...
  13. J

    Barrel wedge fit and accuracy ?

    I recently purchased an older CVA that was missing a barrel wedge. I had a spare that was slightly undersized. I was able to snug it up with some shim stock. The rifle shoots as well as my others and I’ve noticed no movement or “wiggle”. It fits snugly, but not overly so. It can be inserted and...
  14. J

    .54 Renegade Arrived

    Enjoy it! Fine guns and that’s my favorite caliber. Let us know how it shoots!
  15. J

    Recent NYS Firearms Law

    I wouldn’t hold my breath. I love the effort and the sentiment, but New York doesn’t seem like the type of place to pass a restriction and then backtrack. I think they (at the state house) count historians among the enemy just as much as terrorists.
  16. J

    Crocket rifle debut

    Fine shooting! Very nice rifle, too.
  17. J

    Hunting Bag Arrangement

    For recreational shooting I have a bag for each gun. Each gun also has its own horn or flask. For revolvers, I have one bag. All of my revolvers currently are .36 caliber, so one bag will keep all three fed. For deer hunting, I have a three-pocket belt pouch that is specifically for powder...
  18. J

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Everything in my corner of the world is now focused on prep for deer season. Gave three of my rifles a once over, started sorting out the camo gear, and bought a new blaze orange vest. Also ordered some more .54 conicals and some .45 round balls since I don’t have molds for those yet.
  19. J

    A “Fishy” Powder Measure

    For something that seems so simple, I bet a lot of work went into it. I love it! Well done.
  20. J

    Made myself some hats

    Those look great!