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    IAB Sharps nipple thread size?

    Hello all, I posted this question in the Civil War section but I think more may see it here. Does anyone know what the nipple thread size is for an IAB percussion Sharps carbine?
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    IAB sharps nipple thread size??

    Does anyone here know the nipple thread size for a percussion IAB Sharps Carbine?
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    Pedersoli Kentucky mainspring and frizzen spring

    Hello all, Does anyone know where I can obtain either a mainspring and/ or frizzen spring for a Pedersoli Kentucky rifle? I checked with VTI and it’s over and both would be very expensive. Any other sources? Anyone have experience with substituting a more available American made spring? Thanks...
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    Small siler flintlock reviews?

    Hello all, I am considering converting a cap lock from a small siler percussion to flintlock. Do any of you have experience with a small siler flintlock? I heard from one person that they are not as reliable as the larger siler. Anyone who has used one please share your opinions. Thanks, Skwerl.