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    Heading to the woods with my dad's big bore Mountain Rifle tomorrow.

    My father passed this spring quite suddenly. All his guns came to me in the estate. He had a CVA Big Bore mountain rifle that he built from a kit in the late 1970's or maybe early 1980's.. I explained a bit more in another thread in the percussion section, but to make a long story short he only...
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    Anybody know of an Investarms delaer in Canada?

    My SIL wants to build a kit rifle. I saw a good youtube video from "Hawken Expert Bob Woodfill" (Link below) of a Gemmer Hawken built to be close to the lines of an original Hawken. I'm thinking of getting an Investarms Gemmer Hawken kit and if there was a Canadian dealer I would likely go cap...
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    First Deer With the flintlock.

    This is my first deer with my Traditions 50 cal Kentucky with .490 RB and .015 patch. I Rattled him in to a head on slightly quartering away shot at about 50 yards. Round ball went in just behind the from shoulder and I found the ball next to the hide on the opposite hind quarter (picture attached.
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    How to tell if my Traditions deer hunter was a kit gun?

    Hey fellas. My new to me traditions deer hunter arrived. I bought it for a Christmas gift for my SIL to cut his teeth on muzzleloading. Looking at the traditions site the current complete model has a synthetic ram rod and fibre optic sites. This one has nice steel sites and a wood ram rod. Is...
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    Traditions Deer Hunter 50 Cal.

    Hi All, I just picked up a Traditions Deer hunter on a Canadian Gun swap site for the equivalent of $180 US dollars. It's in the mail but the pics from the owner show that it seems to be pretty decent shape. I bought it for a Christmas gift for this year for my SIL to cut his teeth in...
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    Lee REAL bullet lube issue

    Hi All, dragging my TC 54 Hawken back out from the safe as I've been using the 50 cal flinter the last few years. I liked shooting REAL bullets with it for moose. I was using TC yellow wonder lube but if the rifle was loaded for a day or so the lube seemed to leak into the powder and it wouldn't...