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    CLOSED I found the .54.

    I haven't had much lock finding one of the flintlock Pedersoli frontier Blue Ridge rifles in .54 caliber. I'd take either the plain model or the deluxe model, doesn't matter. I have a Pedersoli flintlock blue ridge rifle in .32 caliber I would trade. You can't get these .32 caliber rifles...
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    FOR SALE Pietta baby dragoon/well fargo pistol nipples

    I found these in a letter to me from Mike Nesbitt tucked away on a shelf today. (He sent the letter in 2003 !) I must have bought them from him and forgot about them. He wrote on the package they are for a Pietta Baby Dragoon/Wells Fargo cap and ball pistol. They have never been opened and there...
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    FOR SALE .36 caliber cap-n-ball wad punch and wads - (PRICE REDUCED to $10)

    I have for sale a nice .36 caliber wad punch, along with an unopened bag of Wonder Wad .36 felt wads. The wad punch might need a little more resharpened. I'm asking $10 for the punch and wads. Now you can make wads for your cap-n-ball pistol forever. Just get a nice 99 cent felt hat at the...
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    SOLD .62 caliber/20 gauge wad and card punch

    ** SPF to Deerstalkert ** I have for sale a nice .62 caliber/20 gauge wad punch, along with felt wads and a thick felt to make more wads. The wad punch will need cleaned up, and resharpened. I'm asking $15 for the punch and wads (I have a few more already punched out wads I think). How much is...
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    SOLD Project fur for sale

    ** SPF to Calum ** I have two super nice pieces of fur for sale that you will make great hats, shooting bag flaps, etc. They were garment collar furs. I'm sure the top one is raccoon. The bottom one is thicker and furrier with more underfur and may be raccoon also as they both look very...
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    Anyone have a Jeff Tanner brass mould ?? I need an answer ...

    I have this pair of antique hand forged mould handles. I thought they would be good for demonstrating running ball, but they wouldn't look right with a modern mould attached to them. One of the Jeff Tanner brass moulds might look more correct. What I would like to do if someone wants to help me...
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    SOLD Alum tanned deer hide

    I have for sale a super nice alum tanned deer hide. It is a whitish color from the tanning process. It measures 40 x 26 to 28 at it's widest. This is a super nice hide with a nice skin. There is only one tiny hole you can see in the pic about the size of a .40 caliber roundball. It isn't buttery...
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    SOLD Two commercial tanned deer hides

    I have two commercially tanned deer hides. They are a grayish color, not the farby orange chrome tanned. The right hide measures 31 x 34 and is fairly thick. The left hide is 24 x 30 and a bit thinner. These aren't the soft buttery garment hides. These hides would make great bags, knife...
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    SOLD Shearling leather for projects

    I forgot I had this. It is a leather sheep shearling wool vest I bought for project leather. I had gotten this to cut out insoles for moccasins or shoepacks, and period mittens for cold weather. It is probably a womens large or maybe a mens medium to give you an idea of size. Lots of leather and...
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    SOLD Mens denim blanket lined coat Size 48 or XL size

    I have for sale a mens denim blanket lined coat. There are pockets sewn on both sides inside the coat. No outer pockets. Pressed on buttons. Best for a 19th century impression. Size is 48 or XL. Brand new, never worn. Asking $15 for the coat and $10 for shipping. I can do paypal, postal money...
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    SOLD Large mans denim fall front trousers 40x30

    I have for sale a pair of large mans fall front trousers in denim. Waist is 40, inseam is 30. The legs are very, very wide for extra room. There is no waist adjustment. That can be done my moving the buttons to tighten or loosen. There is a small outside pocket on the right leg. These are new...
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    WITHDRAWN Price reduced !! - Spectacular finished tanned buffalo hide

    I have for sale an amazing tanned buffalo hide that is probably 1/4 inch thick all over. This hide would be awesome for shoe packs, moccasin bottoms, knife or tomahawk sheaths, leather straps or belts, or any leather project where you need leather that will last you no matter what you put it...
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    SOLD Hi carbon steel scalper/trade knife

    I have for sale two high carbon steel scalper/trade knives. They have a hexagon handle like the indians wanted. The knives have a polished 7 inch blade and 11 inches over all. These are super nice knives and period correct. There are no sheaths but I did make a cardboard sheath to protect the...
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    SOLD Lightweight blue wool stroud - 3 pieces

    I have some light weight blue wool material, kinda like a lightweight stroud ..... although most stroud was a coarse woolen fabric. This is not coarse. It is a fine woven wool. There are three pieces. The biggest piece is 55 inches wide by 164 inches long. The second piece is about 3 by 4 feet...
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    SOLD Historically correct creme wool two panel blanket for sale

    Here is a blanket that would be historically correct for 18th or 19th century. It is a creme colored blanket, all wool. It was made in 2 panels then hand stitched together. The size is 51x74. This is a super nice and clean blanket. Asking $20 for the blanket. The post office says it is $19.75 to...
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    SOLD two Gray wool blankets stamped U.S. for sale

    I have two really nice clean gray wool blankets for sale. They are stamped U.S. on one side. I am asking $20 for each blanket. I checked with the post office and the shipping will be $19.75. Blanket price is low because of the shipping price. Nothing at the post office seems to be a bargain...
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    WITHDRAWN Brown cotton apron

    For sale is a new, unused brown cotton ladies apron. It is 28 inches tall by 36 inches wide. Asking $12 and $6 for shipping. I can do paypal, postal money order or cash. Thanks for looking. PM me if interested. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    SOLD 3 ounce bottle of bears oil

    I have another slightly smaller bottle of pure bears oil, about 3 ounces. This was historically use for patch lube and as gun lube for their rifles and smoothbores. I'm asking $6.00 for the bears oil and $6.00 for shipping. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    SOLD .36 caliber maxi bullets for sale

    Fresh cast today. 50 .36 caliber maxi bullets in the purest lead. Asking $8.00. Since they weigh more than 13 ounces, they will have to go USPS priority mail which is $9.65. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    FOR SALE Letter seal with red xax

    For sale is a really nice letter seal with a crown surrounded by thistles or olive branches above and below. It comes with a stick of red letter seal wax. Heat .. drip then stamp. Asking $10 for the seal and wax. $6.00 to ship. $16 total. Thanks for looking. PM me if interested. Ohio Rusty ><>