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  1. DTCoffin

    Does this look right? Molten lead

    I started casting bullets for centerfires this year as I was gifted with many pounds of lead and tin/lead bars. I've done quite a bit of researching and most everything I have found on castboolits forum recommends fluxing with sawdust or some other carbon when cleaning up bulk lead ingots, then...
  2. DTCoffin

    Left handed shooting right handed

    When I started out I used a right hand caplock renegade - no issues at all with a caplock. Then I bought a left hand flint Fowler. Built a right hand flint .40 for my wife and shot that quite a bit - no issues, then it was time to build my rifles, I built 2 left hand flinters 50&54. Then my...
  3. DTCoffin

    Hi from Maine

    Welcome from Clinton
  4. DTCoffin

    1/4 scale Napoleon

    Now, that is cool !
  5. DTCoffin

    Jim Chambers flintlock rifle kits

    I built an a Chambers IH in 54 back in 2009. Barbie was super helpful.I asked for a fancy grade stock but was told the wait would be painful.She said since I had expressed a desire for fancy but the wait was so long, she would personally pick out a stock of the next tier down- she did a fine...
  6. DTCoffin


    Where did you get them ? I considered making some , didn't realize someone actually sold them.
  7. DTCoffin

    SOLD 3 Books by Madison Grant

    Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch Knife in Homespun America Powder Horns and Their Architecture, hardcover in excellent condition. $80 shipped CONUS. PayPal f&f or money order.
  8. DTCoffin

    SOLD Books of Buckskinning 1-6

    Books of Buckskinning 1-6 , used in very good condition. $60 shipped CONUS . PayPal f&f or money order.
  9. DTCoffin

    SOLD Accoutrements 1&2

    Hardcover books in like new condition. $60 shipped CONUS. PayPal f&f or money order
  10. DTCoffin

    FOR SALE 4 Sketchbooks , Rural Pa. clothing & New England indians

    4 Sketchbooks, Rural Pennsylvania clothing and New England Indians. All books are in pretty good condition. $40 shipped CONUS. PayPal f&f and money orders.
  11. DTCoffin

    30 Year Old Black Powder

    Gosh , I hope it's ok, or else I'll be throwing out about 12-15#'s of it . Seriously though, if it's been stored properly- dry and stable temperature environment it's good to go.
  12. DTCoffin

    SOLD Tidings from the 18th century+2 more books

    This one is literally in unused condition.
  13. DTCoffin

    SOLD Sketchbooks plus 2

    Sold pending funds.
  14. DTCoffin

    SOLD 3 book set from Madison Grant .

    The Knife in Homespun America Powder Horns and Their Architecture The Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch All hardcover in excellent condition with just a little sun fading on the jacket. $80 delivered. CONUS. Money order, bank check or personal check ( will wait for it to clear).