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    Use a pulley tap if a regular one is too short.
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    How do you transport your longrifle?

    I have a Nissan Sentra. I can easily fit a few 8 foot 2x4s in there with the trunk and all windows closed. Hauling rifles is not even close to a problem.
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    Building a Maryland Rifle

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    First and Last Barrel Channel Finished.....Pic Heavy

    Removing wood with a drill press is a safe and fast way to do it. Drill a bunch of holes right next to each other and most of the wood is gone.
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    First and Last Barrel Channel Finished.....Pic Heavy

    That's the way to do it. Once you get all that extra wood out of the way it does not take very long.
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    First and Last Barrel Channel Finished.....Pic Heavy

    Never do another one? Well that's a disappointing thing to hear. The second barrel that I inlet took about half as much time as the first. It gets easier every time you do it.
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    Referring to a Smoothbore as a Smoothie

    Here is the impression I get. Someone is new to muzzleloaders, or guns in general, and they want to fit in with the crowd. They think using all the cute words will make them fit in better. But they have not been around it long enough to realize that some of the cute words actually sound kind of...
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    Long range shooting

    The schuetzen bullseye targets were 4 inches. They shot them at 200 yards offhand. They used conical bullets instead of round balls and the rifles were highly specialized.
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    What are your excuses please.

    How many guns have you built? Just think of all the time you will spend at home working on it instead of hanging out at the nudie bar.
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    Fitting barrel question

    I use a chisel
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    early stock?

    You are never going to be ready to carve a stock from a stick until you do the first one. If you can inlet a barrel or lock, carving the rest of it won't be too hard. Just keep away from the highly figured wood for the first one.
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    True Craftsman, Scratch Builders and Extreme Tinkerers.....Check Out My Wood.

    I don't actually use the barrel channel for inletting. All it does is remove a lot of the wood that does not need to be there. The milling machine just gets it pretty close. Any number of tools can do the same thing. The actual inletting and getting the barrel to fit is all done with chisels.
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    Flintlock rifle - need part

    You can make a new one from piano wire in just a few minutes.
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    True Craftsman, Scratch Builders and Extreme Tinkerers.....Check Out My Wood.

    This should answer some of your questions
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    Protective sleeves for wood rasps...?

    This place makes the best rasps you can get. They are custom made so it takes a few months to get them and they are expensive. It is worththe wait and the money.
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    Protective sleeves for wood rasps...?

    I have been getting the Liogier rasps. Each one comes in its own case.
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    Great Resources For A Novice Wanting To Make A Half Stock

    Best chisels to start with would be a few small to medium size straight chisels. A few skew chisels are also very useful. Next would be a 90 degree V chisel with each side being slightly smaller than the width of the barrel flats. A couple curved chisels with medium sweep and size are nice to...