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    Lewis Wetzel indian fighter

    I am surprised I never heard this guy mentioned here. Lewis Wetzel was the most savage courageous indian fighter that ever lived around the 1790's near the ohio river. probably the best single fighter ever. after much of his family killed by indians he declared war on them. he hunted them alone...
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    FOR SALE new unfired 1860 44 snub nose

    I got this a month ago. I was trying to buy a rifle off my friend so I got this as a consolation prize lol. he called me and wants to sell it. never fired it. got it from Taylor paid $450. will sell for $370 shipped. got the box it came in
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    new unfired 1860.44 snub nose

    I got this a month ago. I was trying to buy a rifle off my friend for a while so after I got this as a consolation prize he calls and says I will sell you the rifle. I never fired it. I paid $450 shipped so I will sell it for $370 shipped. I would like a PO money order if anyone is interested
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    new 1858

    I got this pistol from cabelas for $279 free shipping but they gouged me with tax bringing it to $302. it was the best price I found. always wanted the sheriffs model with the shorter barrel. I was very pleased with the rich flawless blueing and the way it was put together. It is a Pietta. I...
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    ball size

    I have an 1858 Rem and use .454 balls and they leave a nice ring. I can get a deal on a lot of .457 balls.would the .457 balls make that much of a difference?
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    like to identify an percussion shotgun made in jodhpur india

    it is a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. the markings on it are Year 1973 New light Artworks Jodhpur not nitro---89 gr (BP my add) 1 1/4 oz English material superior quality ML gun the gun is in real good shape shot skeet with it hand thrown) broke 20 in a row. just like to know if any body...