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    WANTED RCBS Two Hole .395 Round Ball Mold(s)

    I am looking to buy one or more RCBS two cavity .395 round ball molds. Thanks in advance.
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    CLOSED TC Seneca/Cherokee/Patriot Rear Sight - Possible Trade

    I have the below TC Seneca/Renegade/Patriot sight for sale. It has the 1/4" hole spacing. It is in great condition. It will come with the elevation screw spring but does not have the two mounting screws. I will ship by USPS Priority mail. I am asking $70 which includes the shipping cost. I...
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    TC Sight ID - Seneca/Cherokee or Patriot

    I have the below Thompson Center rear sight. I am trying to determine if it fits a Seneca, Cherokee or Patriot. It is for a 13/16" barrel. Thanks in advance. The sight base hole spacing is approx. .260
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    CLOSED TC Renegade Curved Rear Sight Blade(s) Sights or Assemblies

    I am looking for the TC Renegade rear sight blades (curved style) that are designed to be used with a bead front sight. Any sight blade, sight assembly or the complete sight as long as it is curved for the bead type front sight. The Hawken variation will not fit the Renegade assembly and the...
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    SOLD Collector's - Thompson Center Renegade Hunter 50 Cal. in the TC Box Sale/Trade

    I have the below listed Thompson Center Renegade Hunter in 50 caliber for sale/trade. It is in the original TC box that has the correct S/N and information label for this rifle. As far as I can tell, it is NIB and the bore is in new condition as well as the wood and bluing. There are two...
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    SOLD Two Thompson Center Smooth Bore Barrels for Sale/Trade SOLD

    I have the below two Thompson Center smooth bore barrels for sale or trade. They both go together and I do not want to separate them. The first one is a Hawken barrel @ 28" long and is 15/16" ATF. It is only marked "50 Cal. Smooth Bore". I do not know who made it, but it has all the looks of...
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    Musket Cap Question

    Due to the current shortage of #11 caps, I am considering getting some of the musket caps, nipples etc.. for match shooting. I have zero experience with musket caps and need some guidance. I understand the the CCI Reenactment caps are kinda of weak, but which brand)s) are good solid flame...
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    Lock Dates and (Caliber) Bore/Balls to the Pound

    I have seen quite a bit of discussion and information concerning when certain locks were put in to use and thought this little table may help. The dates can vary by source, but these should be close. Match Lock - 1411 Wheel Lock - 1500 Snap Lock (Snaphance) - 1517 Modern Flintlock - 1610...
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    CLOSED Lyman GPR Flintlock (Lock) - Will Trade for TC Percussion Lock

    I have what I think is a Lyman GPR flintlock (lock) for sale. $130 which includes shipping through the USPS. It is like new or even new. I see no signs of the flint ever hitting the frizzen and no burn in the pan. Attached are some pictures. It came in a trade as a Hawken lock, but I think it is...
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    SOLD Thompson Center Renegade Flintlock in 50 Caliber - Trades Considered

    I have the below TC Renegade for sale or trade. It is a 50 caliber flintlock in real nice shape. The lock is a L&R RPL lock and appears to be very new. The wood condition is very good as is the bluing. The bore is also very nice with No pitting or rust - just nice and clean. I have no...
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    CLOSED Thompson Center Hawken/Renegade Sear - Early Style

    I am looking for a sear to fit the early variation of the TC lock. This is the one that has a screw hole in it for attachment. Thanks in advance.
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    SOLD Lyman GPR 54 Caliber Percussion Rifle

    I have the below Lyman GPR 54 caliber percussion rifle for sale. This rifle needs the wood refinished and the metal blued. There is an old crack in the bottom of the butt stock that has been repaired and is shown in the pictures. The bore is fairly good with some "very light" signs of past...
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    SOLD Complete Lyman GPR Stock w/ Percussion Lock - New Price

    I have the below Lyman GPR stock complete with the percussion lock for sale. It does come with the barrel lug keys also. It is in good shape with the following issues noted. There is an old crack down the side of the tang (left) that is shown in a photo. There is an extra screw hole right...
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    SOLD New Custom Built 45 Caliber Flintlock Rifle - Partial Trade(s) for TC's

    I have one of my custom built 45 caliber flintlock rifles for sale. The rifle was completed in August and has never been fired. The specifications are as follows. Maple Wood - Stained and completed inside and out with multiple finishes and sealers. Rice 45 Caliber 7/8" Octagon - 36" Long -...
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    CLOSED TC Renegade 54 Caliber Barrel - Sale/Trade

    I have a factory stock Thompson Center Renegade percussion barrel for sale or for trade. It is in good condition. There are a few minor marks in the bluing from handling and taking it out of the stock. The bore is good. It does not have a ram rod. I am asking $150 plus insured USPS shipping...
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    CLOSED Lyman GPR Barrel(s)

    I am looking for two Lyman GPR barrels, preferably in 50 caliber. I need one percussion and one flint. Must be in good shape. Thanks in advance.
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    CLOSED Lyman 57 GPR Sight

    I am looking for a Lyman 57 GPR sight - new or a good condition used one. Must be a complete sight with the screws and added base for the GPR rifle. One with the target knobs would be a big plus. Thanks in advance.
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    Thompson Center Ram Rod Retaining Spring Fixes

    How about sharing your solutions to repairing/replacing the TC Ram Rod retaining spring used on the Hawken, Renegade, Seneca, Cherokee line of rifles. That has to be the weakest link on these rifles and I have tried quite a few fixes, but none I am quite happy with. I know someone has come up...
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    CLOSED Lancaster Style .40 Caliber Flintlock Match Rifle - One Time Price Reduction

    I have the below Lancaster style flintlock match rifle for sale. The stock is Sugar Maple and I built it from a blank and completed it in July 2022. The barrel is a Rice "Match", square groove .40 caliber, 36" long 1-48" twist and is 7/8" across the flats. The lock is a Small Siler and the...
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    SOLD Another Half Stock Gibbs/Rigby Style Flintlock .40 Caliber Rifle - SPF

    I have the below pictured rifle for sale. It was built by me and completed in May of this year. It is a combination of the Gibbs/Rigby style of rifles and handles extremely well. The stock is Grade #3 or 4 Sugar Maple finished with LMF Honey Maple stain and various oils/finishes. The barrel is...