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    Hunter Harassment

    In Colorado above Steamboat Springs a group of people showed up the day before muzzle loading season opened. They got out of their cars, set up targets and using their headlights and blaring loud music, shot at the targets. We should have gotten their license plates or blocked the road in...
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    Broken ramrod

    Replace it. It may not degrease or have sufficient surface area to glue. Make short starters from the remnants or even a hickory arrow shaft if long enough. I now avoid ramin that is sold by a muzzle loading suypply company instead of hickory. Check for straight grain hickory if doing...
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    How do you store your flints?

    Not heard of Jamestown but Georgetown chert from Texas. I fit each flint in my wallet to lock it is intended for with the appropriate leather shim. Saves time in the field whether hunting or a mountain man run. Unless you are able to get a large coble and flake off burins you will waste a...
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    How do you store your flints?

    In a flint wallet for each bag made for each firearm except pistols. Since I knap my own I sometimes store in see=through plastic egg cartons that have the extra fold over lid. Secured with rubber band and cushioned with toilet paper or cotton balls. Loose flints for fire steels are in Crown...
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    Were percussion single shots carried capped?

    On the Oregon Trail there were numerous recorded incidents of injury or fatalities when someone pulled a loaded muzzle loading from the muzzle out the tail end of a wagon. It was obviously capped or primed. I hunt with muzzle loading shotguns and am constantly checking to see if the cap is on...
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    Curlys .72 caliber north west trade gun

    Built a smoothbore with of Curly's 12 gauge barrels. Don't think it was .72 caliber. Most smoothbores take a round ball .020 smaller. 60 caliber balll for .62 or 20 gauge. I've used .715 round balls in my Curly Sitting Fox barrels on four whitetail bucks and countless birds. So are his 12...
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    Is a spiral striped ramrod correct?

    I saw a striped ramrod on a Hacker Martin rifle. He was contemporary or before NMLRA began. I would not use oak at all. Ramin used to be strong and good for arrows but some I ordered from a well known supplier snapped. Dogwood in the field can break at the bud scars. Ebon y and rosewood...
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    "Use of shot is not permitted"

    Buckshot is also not permitted in Colorado on big game.. Buck and ball and buckshot only patterning at 25 yard targets show why I would not hunt with them if it were legal. Can see their devastation on massed troops but also how poor patterning could lead to a lost animal with a lot of...
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    Flint and Steel Kits for Teaching Youth

    Museum of the Fur Trade flint steels with Russel stamped on them are stamped out but rough on surfaces. Careful sanding to polish out and smooth it will greatly improves its effectiveness and prolong flint life. Dip in cold water to not draw temper. Same with Nicholson black diamond files...
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    Problems with Flint & Steel

    Quench your 1095 in hot olive oil. Water quench was used by Indian blacksmiths. Some water is brined. To experiment with water, dip and count dip-two-three and then pull it out and say air-two-three. Repeat the 3 second dip, 3 second airing until it cools. 1095, O-1 works fine for fire...
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    Tanning first timer tips???

    For elk I highly recommend you dry scrape it. No need to use a bucking solution as lye or hydrated lime. Stay away from salt. It takes a lot of water to rinse it out and absorbs moistures, taking longing to dry. Blue Mountain Buckskin by Jim Riggs another good book. Steven Edholm and...
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    exit wound on a boar ising 535 gr no excuse

    I own and hunt with a White Mountain Carbine, too. .530 round ball on top of 70 grains FFFg GOEX dropped a large pronghorn doe at 15 yards. Double lung,complete pass through and minimal damage to meat and hide. Same load used on full stock flint Hawken. What is the grain weight of the .535...
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    50 vs 54 FlintLock Rifle

    I like the ballistics of the .50 for target shooting but prefer the .54 for heavier ball and charge. Here in Colorado you have no choice but to go .54 when using round ball. The weight of a .490 or .50 caliber round ball does not meet the minimum mass or weight. But you can use a Lee...
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    Sharpen Flint?

    As a flint knapper I have copper wire and antler knapping tools. Brass hammer knapping tools are part of a turn screw and touch hole pick set. On agate and other sawn flints using a diamond grind stone can resharpen them. Gunther Stifter of Germany used to sell them and there are some being...
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    General John Sedgwick - an avoidable death or......?

    I saw in an auction catalog a .52 officer's Whitworth rifle. This is much larger than the .451 cal. It didn't say whether or not the .52 fired a hexagonal bullet. Without testing it might not be able to tell if the heavier bullet travelled any further.
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    Movie recommendation for movies regarding the FIW?

    I have a studio photo of Fess Parker dressed as Davy Crockett with a Kabar and the rear sight on the Kentucky is way up toward the muzzle.
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    Problems with Flint & Steel

    PAB, Interesting results with charred cattail fluff. Punky cottonwood (weak enough for child to crush) works great when charred. So does the pith of Jerusalem artichoke or sunchoke stem. Had not heard of titanium fire steel. Though ferrocerrium rods had other chemicals. I have a friend...
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    Favored Materials for Field Ramrods

    I use hickory under the barrel. Fiberglass in the 70's scratched the barrel and crown and splintered. Not safe to use and been discontinued. Stainless work rod with brass muzzle protector for most cleaning. A thicker, longer than bore length diameter wiping stick to which a red piece of...
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    French and Indian War books recommendation

    Nice to know so many interested and knowledge about the First World War (F & I). Although James Fennimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans was fiction and based on the real life narrative of the abduction of Jemima Boone and the Calloway sisters which occurred near the end of the Revolutionary...
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    Welcome aboard Beadman. I see you a lot on Paleoplanet Forum chat lines on fire making, hides and leather and bows and arrows. Your input is welcome here. Good luck selling your high quality buckskin pants.