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  1. Rifleman1776

    How do you store your flints?

    Sadly, there are those who will read no further and actually believe flints can spoil. Maybe they can. After a few thousand centuries.
  2. Rifleman1776

    Turret Breech Underhammer

    Don't overlook the Ferguson in this evolutionary series.
  3. Rifleman1776

    Broken ramrod

    Do not use a glued rod. As suggested, get a new rod, or two, or three, or 50 like me. Use hickory for ronny and when you want to look pc. The synthetics (I'm a proponent of Delrin) will last longer, won't break and do not damage yer barrel.
  4. Rifleman1776

    Thoughts On Smooth Rifles

    Sure, they exist and did back in the day. They were used by scientists and artists to collect birds and other small animals for study without doing much damage. However, I do not see the point to having one. A 20 ga. is lighter and much more versatile.
  5. Rifleman1776

    SOLD .45 Flintlock Pistol

    Looks like a CVA kit built but a better job than most.
  6. Rifleman1776

    How do you store your flints?

    Others have beat me to it with the humor bit. Some really funny. I store mine in a compartment in my range box. For ronny and field I let several sit in the bottom of my shooting bag.
  7. Rifleman1776

    How do you store your flints?

    Hide yer face in shame. Only one? That is almost sinful. 😉
  8. Rifleman1776

    Bullet Mould Idea

    Positive comment. 👍 We all should have encouraged before bashing you.
  9. Rifleman1776

    Thompson Center Set Trigger setting?

    Interesting comment. Never gave that any thought. Have two TCs. Both have been adjusted many times but I never considered whether I was doing it a rest, half or full cock. Nebber a problem.
  10. Rifleman1776

    Thompson Center Set Trigger setting?

    Can't beat that offer.
  11. Rifleman1776

    Best muzzleloader for an older guy

    Yes, the Seneca is a fine rifle and easy to handle. At my age and with certain health issues I was fortunate that Dave Persons built me a "Little Fella" from Chamber parts. Keeps me in the shooting game.
  12. Rifleman1776

    Exit wound on deer.

    Voice of experience. Worth heeding. I haven't taken near as many. But, mine also with a .45 flinter. All, after what I call 'reaction leaps' went down and plowed dirt with their noses.
  13. Rifleman1776

    Exit wound on deer.

    I wouldn't say "failed". Depending on where you live that might be the only option for you. Or, you may be on a learning curve. Don't quit.
  14. Rifleman1776

    Is this muzzle crown good to go ?

    Ye look good to go. But, as ye said yerself, there is only one way to find out.
  15. Rifleman1776

    Bullet Mould Idea

    Hate to throw cold water on a positive idea. But......that looks like a solution for a problem that does not exist. As said, there have been/are several similar ball moulds already on the market.
  16. Rifleman1776

    Chambers English Fowler Completed!

    Well done, nice. Enjoy.
  17. Rifleman1776

    Curlys .72 caliber north west trade gun

    I heard that NSW people are his children. Dunno for certain, though.
  18. Rifleman1776

    Tap and Die Set

    I'll probably get spanked for this. But, I have had very good luck with El Cheapo sets from Harbor Freight and the like. Don't believe I have ever broken a tap. Lubricant and care are important.
  19. Rifleman1776

    What are your excuses please.

    I don't tell her. If/when she discovers I just say "Oh, I've had that a while". "a while" can be five minutes or five years, not really a lie. 😉
  20. Rifleman1776

    Ball Pullers

    Disagree, Gren. If in the field or hunting, where would oils come from? My practice before a hunt is to swab thoroughly with damp, then dry patch. I often squirt carburetor cleaner into the nipple or vent then swab again. That makes the inside pure and dry. Then load. As for humidity, I don't...