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  1. Loyalist Dave

    Resistance is futile

    Well, the problem I have is when you have two cups, or one cup and a tiny kettle, if you misplace that, you're outa-luck..., so you go to the next event and buy another one. This happens from time to time. PLUS add to the fact every now and then you are at a yard sale/rummage sale supporting...
  2. Loyalist Dave

    How do you store your flints?

    I put them in a mason jar with water in the fridge. 30 years ago I was new to flinters, and one of the guys that was mentoring me "pulled my leg", telling me the flints would last longer while shooting, if I did this So I still keep them in the fridge... they don't get lost that way...., they...
  3. Loyalist Dave


    If I had $4K to send to Maine, it would be a done deal, but alas, I have it not...., 😞 LD
  4. Loyalist Dave

    Naming Your Rifle?

    My .54 flintlock with which I take deer is Trudy, short for Gertrude, which in German means "strong spear" and she knocks down deer. My .40 is Patience, as she took a long time to arrive. My trade gun is Red, since she's painted not stained, with oil paint with red pigment. My DIY snub nosed...
  5. Loyalist Dave

    Pointing Vs Aiming

    This is correct, it's situational. LEO for 32 years, Marine Corps Infantry Officer for five before that. Many handgun fights are from one to two arms lengths away. 15 feet or less is pretty much where most gunfights happen, not 15 or more yards. So you and a buddy face each other, hold one...
  6. Loyalist Dave

    Dixie gun works southern rifle

    I thought the DGW Tennessee was discontinue decades ago. I don't see it offered in kit or finished. I bought mine used. LD
  7. Loyalist Dave

    Best Moose Milk

    I've always used Murphys, hydrogen peroxide, and 70% rubbing alcohol. BUT I've not used the stuff for years. We used to use it on severely fouled muskets after shooting 30-40 blank rounds out of them. It was just to reduce the time of cleanup, not actually superior to water, because there...
  8. Loyalist Dave

    My son's first muzzleloader deer

    WELL DONE Excellent story and thanks so much for the bullet report and images LD
  9. Loyalist Dave

    Referring to a Smoothbore as a Smoothie

    Getting Back to the original question..., Gunny, it's a modern term. I sometimes write, "flinter" when I'm talking about something that's a flintlock, OR about the folks using something that has a flintlock firing system. "I love hunting with my flinter", or "When it comes to us flinters...
  10. Loyalist Dave

    An Early Vermont Rifle

    Glad to hear you're OK, Dave. Yeah, my experience was similar. I thought it silly my boss made me stay home for 10 days when my symptoms abated and fever was gone on day 4..., but I noticed even after returning to work, I'd be fine, and then suddenly be highly tired, and be "done for the day"...
  11. Loyalist Dave

    RPM of a bullet.. incredible

    AH for sure! BUT since we're on a topic that's likely negligible for just about everybody who is shooting, EVEN out to 1000 yards, why not? I know for example that stuff is very different when shooting at 1000 yards (I won't say what was being used to shoot) when humidity is different or the...
  12. Loyalist Dave

    What are your excuses please.

    I don't use excuses..., I sneak it into the house. I don't necessarily take "delivery" at my front door, you see. Then I store it for a while. When I start shooting it I do my best over time for her not to get a good look at it, and finally when she does notice, and asks, "Is that a new...
  13. Loyalist Dave

    Hello from Lynchburg VA

    Hello from Maryland My nephew attends college in Lynchburg. A niece from a different side of the family lives and works there. LD
  14. Loyalist Dave

    Would you shoot it?

    SO..., somewhere in America ..., an intrepid maker of steel targets is working with some AR500 to make it into a toilet seat shape, with a closing lid and a lever to reset it.... AND to cut out an AR500 pig-head-silhouette to be used as the trigger for dropping the lid.... REMEMBER FOLKS when...
  15. Loyalist Dave

    Greetings From Marylande

    Welcome, from Damascus, MD LD
  16. Loyalist Dave

    RPM of a bullet.. incredible

    Lets see..., My 1:48 twist rotates one revolution for every 48" of travel... at 100 yards, to the target that's 300 feet or 3600 inches.... my bullet rotates a full rotation 75 times.... The flight time is ....., .2 seconds...., that would give me 22500 rpm at the muzzle...So yeah yours with...
  17. Loyalist Dave

    Short Sword

    It's stylized as a Roman Gladius, but it's like a ½ scale, and the grip is constructed wrong, for an actual Gladius. So it may have been a ceremonial sword, perhaps for a fraternal organization such as The Knights of Pythias or older, such as the English Odd Fellows. However those groups tend...
  18. Loyalist Dave


    Alright Campers, since this is under Camp Cooking..., We had a thread on Thanksgiving traditions, and some folks mentioned what was done with the leftovers, BUT that thread is now really really, really long. So lets talk about what we do with leftovers from that feast the day after, and etc...
  19. Loyalist Dave


    Happy Thanksgiving One and All! 🦃🍗🥧🍺 LD
  20. Loyalist Dave

    Greetings from Gettysburg, Pa

    Greetings from an hour South, from Damascus, MD LD