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  1. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Starr Revolver, Rogers & Spencer,

    Looking to buy a reproduction Starr revolver or Rogers and Spencer. Pm if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  2. Wolfman0125

    31. cal round ball and baby dragoon bullets

    I’m looking to purchase a handful of baby dragoon bullets and .330 round balls to put in a display case for my 1849 Colt Pocket Model. I see the mold for sale but not wanting to invest in one as I doubt that I’d use it. Just want a few bullets and balls to display in the compartments. I make...
  3. Wolfman0125

    WANTED .330 100% lead round balls for 1849 Colt Pocket Model

    Looking for a source for .31 cal .330 gr. Ammo or baby dragoon ammo for an Uberti 1849 Colt Pocket Model.
  4. Wolfman0125

    1851 Colt Navy with Ivory grips

    Here is my recently acquired 1851 Colt Navy with Ivory Grips from the estate of a Special Forces Veteran of the Vietnam Era.
  5. Wolfman0125

    Recommended 777 FFFg loads

    Does anyone have recommended safe 777 FFFg loads for .36 and .44 and Walker revolvers? I know it is hotter than Goex or other propellants or BP. Also I know it differs depending on the projectile. Need info for both round ball and conicals for all 3 calibers.
  6. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Spiller & Burr

    Looking for a Spiller and Burr revolver.
  7. Wolfman0125

    Engraved Paterson Revolver.

    I’m trying to discover the product year of this cased engraved Pietta Paterson Revolver. Serial D4242. I see no other proof marks or anything on it. I have only seen a picture of one other online. I’m guessing it may have been a limited edition model produced around the mid 70’s but not sure...
  8. Wolfman0125

    Griswold & Gunnison .36 Cal Revolver.

    This is my new Griswold. It is factory new, and defarbed. I’m still working on perfecting the antique finish and will be doing the grips soon.
  9. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Antler, bone, or scrimshaw Bowie knife.

    I’m looking for an Antler, or Bone or Scrimshaw Bowie knife. or possibly a Confederate battle knife.
  10. Wolfman0125

    Slixshot Nipple Replacement

    Will Slixshot Nipples work on a Colt Dragoon? Not Uberti or Pietta. If I’m not mistaken I think that the thread is different from Italian reproductions.
  11. Wolfman0125

    WANTED J. H. Dance Revolver

    Looking for an Uberti or Pietta J. H. Dance Revolver if anyone has one. Pm me.
  12. Wolfman0125

    Union Metallic Cartridge Company Caps

    Check out this great find. I would love to date these. I know it is before 1911, but could go back as far as the 1860’s
  13. Wolfman0125

    Pietta Spiller and Burr Revolver

    Does the Pietta Spiller and Burr revolvers have all of the original stamping and proof marks of the originals? Such as the Spiller and Burr stamp on top of the barrel. I know they have to be defarbed as well.
  14. Wolfman0125

    Colt Cochise Dragoon

    Not exactly traditional but I just bought this and it’s just too pretty not to share. Only 50 ever made.
  15. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Anyone have a Paterson?

    I am looking for a Paterson for my collection. If anyone has one for sale or trade. Thanks.
  16. Wolfman0125

    Can anyone help me Identify the year of manufacture?

    I picked up an Authentic Colt Dragoon today that has lots of wear. The serial number is 1312A . Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture and what series it is, and what generation it is? Thanks. First to reply I will tell you what I paid for it. Thanks!
  17. Wolfman0125

    Uberti Colt Walker.

    Here are some before and after pics of my Walker.
  18. Wolfman0125

    Ted Cash Funnel question.

    Does anyone know if the Ted Cash deluxe funnel will thread onto Pendersoli flasks such as the Walker Flask, .44 or .36 ?
  19. Wolfman0125

    FOR SALE #11 percussion caps

    If anyone is needing #11 percussion caps, I am selling homemade brass 250 ct #11 percussion caps that are unprimed. They come in a Civil War Reproduction tin. You can purchase the Prime-All kit online to prime up to 1500 caps for $19.95 They are easy to prime them yourself, or use your own...