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    Tap and Die Set

    Are there any tap and die sets this community would recommend? I am still try to figure everything out, but i think I would need fairly small threads for the project i am planning.
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    Combination Guns: When Two Heads Are NOT Better Than One

    Combination guns are notable for two things: their impracticality and being just about the raddest weapons ever invented. It’s the idea of trying to solve two tasks with one one tool, and doing both poorly. One of my favorite sayings is “there are no bad ideas in brainstorming”. It applies...
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    Rifle Shoppe Hackenbusche

    My contribution to our recent set of hand gonne posts. My hand gonne is mostly complete, I just need to refinish the metal at a future point. This was my first time building anything since my eagle project over a decade ago, and my first time working with metal, so the process was...
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    Metal working files?

    What are some good options for metal working files? I have a bahco 8 inch bastard file, but it still seems to be a little too fine cut for removing a lot of metal.
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    Ranges near Charlottesville VA

    Are there any muzzleloading friendly ranges within an hour of Charlottesville? I believe there is a private club in the city itself, but it looks difficult to join. All the NMLRA ranges seem to be at least an hour and a half away, too. Thanks!
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    Where did lockplates come from?

    In the 15th-17th centuries, how did gunsmiths acquire/build lockplates? I am fairly certain it was not when a mommy and daddy lockplate loved each other very much, but my understanding of historical metal working is so rudimentary, that I am not even sure where to start. Were they cast, bars...
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    Contemporary Illustrations of Late 15th and Early 16th Century Guns and Artillery

    For anyone looking for period imagery of these weapons, I have attached three digitized books(codices?) that each contain a significant amount of images. Most of these have had singular images posted here or Viking Sword, but I haven't seen their entirety posted. I am sure the actual texts would...
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    A 30 Years War Movie: Alatriste

    To get the important part out of the way, this is not a good movie. I was trying to find a historical drama on the 30 years war and this is one of the only ones I found. It is a Spanish language film that stars Viggo Mortensen. When I first looked up the film, I was confused by the casting...
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    Musketeer Helmets

    Does anyone know a good place to get a replica cabasset helmet? Morions are one of the iconic helmets of the pike and shot era, but I cannot seem to find any good references supporting their use with gun armed troops, only the pikeman. If anyone has a good historical source, I would love to...
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    Historical Loading and Safety

    Are "apostle" bandoliers fun living history, or a great way to blow myself up? I have seen historic accounts attesting to their danger, but that is mostly because you have an entire unit of musketeers frantically handling slow match. Having an explosive on my chest and close to a match seems a...
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    Musketeer Drill: Written History vs Reality

    If you read up on pike and shot warfare/matchlock, you will probably come across a statement on the operation of the matchlock like: "The procedure was so complex that a 1607 drill manual published by Jacob de Gheyn in the Netherlands listed 28 steps just to fire and load the gun." wikipedia...
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    A rare video resource on pre flintlock firearms: JYF Museums

    While there are very few informative YouTube videos on pre flintlocks, the JYF Museums has a really underappreciated channel that has some videos on snaphances, wheellocks, and matchlocks. It is tied to the Jamestown archeological site, so they cover how the context is different from European...
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    Black paint on late 16th century - mid 17th century muskets.

    Does anyone know the what and why for the black paint on muskets and other firearms in this period? I assume it is to protect the wood (duh), but it only seems to be in a relatively narrow time period and primarily on German made guns. I know very little about wood finishing, so I do not know if...
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    Armin Koenig: Still making matchlock/still alive?

    As the title says, is Armin Koenig still around? If so, has anyone had any recent experience with their matchlocks, such as cost?
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    Rifle Shoppe Caliver Historicity

    Does anyone have more information on the time period and/or place of origin for the two calivers on the Rifle Shoppe? The first one looks like a generic 17th century musket scaled down. It does mention "The original", but only that it had a trigger bar. The second one also references an...