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  1. brazosland

    Coning a smoothbore?

    Anyone have any experience here? I have coned my rifles with no issue. But as I hunt more and more with my three smoothbores, I dislike using a starter on patched balls. Both my .62’s like a .600 ball and a .015 patch. 3” groups at 50 when I hold my mouth right. Any reason I can’t use the...
  2. brazosland

    WANTED Need a fly for my A-frame tent

    10x16 or something close will do. Let me know what you have…any condition that doesn’t smell will do!
  3. brazosland

    WANTED .600 or .610 or a .530 bag mould

    Don’t tell me where to buy a one new…I got that. Looking for a used one if someone has an extra.
  4. brazosland

    Wiping sticks…a plains and mountain thing?

    My take is that the wiping stick was basicly a back up ramrod that was used as a primary ramrod and as a cleaning rod. This preserved the primary ramrod and was adopted due to the lack of hickory once onto the plains and further west. Were wiping sticks ever carried as such in the East? I...
  5. brazosland

    Screw barrel pistols as a finishing shot?

    This thread could just easily be in the hunting section. Was thinking about a screw barrel to put in my shot pouch. For those who have used them are they powerful enough to finish a deer or hog with a close range shot to the side of the head? I’d also use it for the occasional coon that...
  6. brazosland

    Help…how to attach horn strap

    Pics below. Have had this horn for a while, great piece, very well crafted. The rear has a threaded wood plug, see pics. Any ideas on how to attach the rear strap? I don’t want to place any stress on the rear plug, it’s fairly soft wood. I do have this ring (see pics), but there is no where...
  7. brazosland

    My newest 1803 Harper’s Ferry (sporter)

    This was on the Lodgewood sight. It’s even more pretty than it was online. It feels great in the hand too…the guy that stocked this gun knew his business. More details coming…
  8. brazosland

    Button for sling mount

    Where do you all get yours? Any favorites?
  9. brazosland

    Aqua Fortis and BLO

    Short version…have a rifle stock, very curly maple, that was finished recently with a few coats of BLO. Rubbed in. Can I use Agua Fortis to darken the grain? Stock is a light blond color now. Want to darken it and really make it pop. Can I do this with the BLO in the wood?
  10. brazosland

    Bents New Fort

    Anything to see there?
  11. brazosland

    Where can I get this powder measure?

    Pic below…
  12. brazosland

    FOR SALE Original .32 caliber Ohio rifle

    I have an original Ohio rifle I purchased a few years ago. It very likely dates to the mid 1850’s. Style and the J&D Little barrel both indicate that it was made in that period…the barrel is a factory made item common at the time. I can’t make out the signature or match it to any known maker...
  13. brazosland

    SOLD Uberti Texas model 1860

    Full fluted cylinder. Excellent condition. I bought it new in the Spring of 2020 as a Covid project. Has had maybe 48 rounds thru it. I stripped the ugly red finish off the grips, real nice wood under there! The first pic shows the last ten rounds I fired from it at 20 yards. Shoots flat and...
  14. brazosland

    Favorite witty engravings on horns?

    Such as “I powder and my brother ball” etc. “Liberty” Not witty but still a good one. I really like Acts 22:28 also What else?
  15. brazosland

    WANTED Old leather britches

    I have a 38 waist and a 34 inseam, but I’m looking for some old leathers that I can cut the legs off and turn into leggings for my son and me. He is a bit taller and narrower at the moment (that little turd). If you want to give your old leathers some new life, let me know. Fair travels!
  16. brazosland

    CLOSED .570 bag mould

    Yes, yes, thank you…I know where to buy them new. Who has one they aren't using that’s run a few good balls?
  17. brazosland

    Need buckle ideas…

    See pic below. Picked up this handwoven horn strap a while back, but it’s too long. Here in Texas we get 100 degree days and 20 degree days, so stuff has to adjust to fit the clothing you have on… How can I put a buckle or buckles on this to adjust length without destroying it (cutting or...
  18. brazosland

    Richland Arms .44

    Anyone have one? It’s roll marked .44 on the barrel. Having trouble coming up with a ball/patch combo that it likes. Using .410 balls and thick patched .395s. I ordered some .424 balls but they will barely go down the bore unpatched. Pic for those of you like me that are just here for the gun...
  19. brazosland

    Recommend an engraver?

    I have a side plate and two lock screws I would like to have lightly engraved with a name and a bit of simple decoration. Can anyone point me to someone that can do it?
  20. brazosland

    1805-1815…what style of pants?

    If you were heading up the Missouri in this time period what sort of pants would you be wearing? Were cloth leggings still a thing at that point? Not interested in answers using buckskin as the primary material.