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    Someone that would finish a Kibler kit?

    Iv done 3 of them where are you i. In Tennessee Knoxville
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    Shooting Fun with the Tennessee Boys....

    Where you at ill get with you and shot sometime
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    Shooting Fun with the Tennessee Boys....

    We had a fun day we need get closer next time
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    Shooting Fun with the Tennessee Boys....

    We had a blast
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Last Saturday I went out with tn longhunters.and Mr Mark black powder maniac. We had a blast all day .thanks Mark
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    Aqua Fortis and BLO

    What is Blo???
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    Friendship IN 2022

    Is it pd on woods wLker or not
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    Friendship IN 2022

    Take you some cash to spend!!!
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    Muzzle Loading Guns, 1970's and 1980's

    I fill you alls pain im 61 .i was thanking about this same thing a few months back. I went got me a pad and pen wrote. Out to whom my smoke poles go .My grandsons one being 7yr old the other 2 yrs both brothers. My first hp rifle was bought by mh mother and so on not to be sold but passed on
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    Taller sights for Kibler Colonial

    Mine was shotting low i filled front sight down.
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    Building a Pecatonica Tennessee Classic Longrifle

    Iv been building one from a blank. Was making cut left side of brech with band saw made a bad cut. Iv got to glue it back i hope iv not messed up to bad
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    Help, need trigger guard.

    Braz it then use small leather do a old repair
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    Hi everybody!

    What part i live Knoxville
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    Are Shippers Targeting Guns?

    My local post office didn't want to ship a kibler empty box box because it look like a firearm tell it sat her straight. She keep say you can't ship it if you ffl or if it had a fireing pin what a dummy
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    Naming your guns?

    My tn gun im building is name after my farther that just passed Doc
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    Smoothbore question

    So you would melt plastic shoot cup in your smothbore. I would not do this not smart thing to do
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    Hello from Denmark :-)

    Hello and welcome ijust wanted to say my 16 th ggfarther was from Denmark
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    Camping off a mule?

    You right they dont on hunts our hunts they would be some city slicker that would shoot it thanking it was adeer lol
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    Hunting equipment carried

    You should always have your phone it could save your life. Ps iv had heart attack in the woods no fun