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  1. Gamechaser

    Patch and ball or paper cartridge, which one os more accurate

    I have been doing some shooting with my 72 caliber smoothbore and have noticed that shooting the Civil War Style paper wrapped ball with powder charge is more accurate than a patch and ball, or patch ball and over powder card. Don't know if this has been asked before but have any of you messed...
  2. Gamechaser

    Lions mane mushroom/ chicken of the woods

    I like cooking my lions like sweet and sour pork, the chicken i deep fry
  3. Gamechaser

    Felt wads under patch and ball?

    Just curious to see if anyone out there has tried this combination. I have tried it and it works exceptionally well in my 38 caliber. Just your thoughts
  4. Gamechaser

    B.C Woods double barrel rifle

    Just acquired this gem today
  5. Gamechaser

    Wear plates on long rifles

    Anyone have any pictures of long rifles with wear plates on the bottom
  6. Gamechaser

    Ramrod question

    I don't know if there is already a thread on this or not but I will take a shot at anyway. Can you use a hickory sapling for a ramrod
  7. Gamechaser

    New to the site nw pa

    Hello y'all
  8. Gamechaser

    Restored 1850's smokepole