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    My father passed away this morning

    My farther pass into the arms of the lord this morning. I could use your prayers for those that believe in God. Please keep lefted up to the lord i preshat it
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    Bob Mcbride

    Has anyone heard anything from bob lately how he is doing
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    CLOSED I need some 50 cal and 40 cal

    If anyone has these for sale let me know
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    Does anyone one have a chunck gun

    Id like find more out about chunk guns. Any information at all would be helpful.
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    To get new folks into Muzzleloading

    I was thanking i read on here .Someone post a? how we as Muzzleloading folks could get more young folks in to the sport and history. I thought about that .Folks its Christmas time why could we all not put something together with all the builders we we have of powder horns bags and nice...
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    Tennessee shooters

    Ha guy im new here i live Knoxville tn i was wondering if how many guys live in tn