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  1. Loja man

    Spanish smooth bores

    Hey all, My cousins who is big into traditional muzzleloaders. He lives up near Detroit. He was down here in KY yesterday to see his mom. Claims to have a couple Spanish made smooth bores. I can’t seem to find any info out thier on them. In the past he has been known to stretch the truth…...
  2. Loja man

    Nipple question, keep it civil

    Form those who have been in the black powder community longer than I have I would appreciate some feedback. My nephew recently got to shoot my traditions Kentucky rifle. His first time shooting black powder. He really liked it! My niece took this picture while he was shooting. It interested me...
  3. Loja man

    SOLD Pedersoli 32 cal flintlock Kentucky Rifle

    Up for your consideration is a nice Pedersoli 32 Cal Kentucky flintlock. Great bore, sorry no pic at the moment. My bobber light died!:-( Gun is in great shape! Honest wear on the barrel finish and a small chip that is starting near the lock plate top screw(see pics) Comes with 3 extra hickory...
  4. Loja man

    Union solder belt knife

    Hey all, My brother is wanting to commission a knife for a friend. A friend of his is starting to do Civil War reenacting in the summer representing a union soldier. He will be based out of Ohio. I have the book American Primitive Knives of 1770 to 1870. I’ve looked about on the...
  5. Loja man

    Joseph Egg 20 guage

    What can you all tell me about this one? Posible value?
  6. Loja man

    WITHDRAWN Patch/neck knife

    Hey all, Here we have another patch/neck knife with a elk antler handle! Blade is hand forged from the leaf spring off a 96 Chevy (think 5160 steel). Cutting edge is 4” long with a 4 3/4” handle. Poured pewter bolster, steel pin, elk tine handle. It comes razor sharp! $130 gets it to your...
  7. Loja man

    SOLD Elk handle belt knife

    Here is another knife from my forge! This one is also forged from the leaf spring of a 95 Chevy ( 5160 or equivalent) Cutting edge is 6 1/2 inches long, poured pewter bolster, elk antler handle, steel peen, wrought iron butt cap with the tang peened over! Blade has a patina to give it a...
  8. Loja man

    Lake Cumberland Show

    Hey all, Any one frequent this show? Any feed back? It’s about 2.5h away. I have never been to a show before, other than general knife and gun shows. Looking for some in person info as to this show. Thanks!
  9. Loja man

    Powder horn help!!!

    Hey all, I need some help!! I just learned my brother-in-law had my name in family Christmas gift exchange!! He wanted to get me something for my black powder shooting. But due to all our moving the last couple of years, we’ve been in the states almost 2 years now, he had the wrong number...
  10. Loja man

    Friendship IN 2022

    Good morning, Since I couldn’t sleep last night I spent some time looking into Friendship IN spring event. I have never gone before. That said it is only about 3 hours from where I live so thinking of going this year! I would really like to handle some English Fowlers, English trade guns...
  11. Loja man

    SOLD Belt knife

    Hello all, Up for your consideration as a Elk handled belt knife! Blade is hand forge from a 94 Chevy spring steel. Cutting edge is 5 1/8”, poured bolster, steel pin and wrought iron butt cap! Leather sheath will accommodate 2 1/2” belt. $275 to your door within continental US...
  12. Loja man

    SOLD Patch knife/skinner

    Good morning all, Up for your consideration is a elk antler patch/skinning knife. Blade is hand forged spring steel from a 94 Chevy. Cutting edge is 3 3/4” long, steel pin and poured bolster. Sheath will accommodate 2 3/4” belt or could be punched for an neck strap. $175 gets it to...
  13. Loja man

    To cut or not to cut??

    Working on finishing up a knife. First one I have done with elk antler or any other antler for that matter. So looking for opinions because I’m on the fence! To cut or not to cut the nose picker( tail of the tine)? Thinking of loping it off about 1/2” past my hand. What say you all and why??
  14. Loja man

    Pedersoli Kentucky pistol help

    Good afternoon all, I’m currently working on a Pedersoli Kentucky percussion kit that I was given for Christmas! here’s one of my current issues I’m trying to resolve. Other than my dad‘s old Jukar Kentucky pistol from the early 80s I’ve not had any hands-on experience with this style...
  15. Loja man

    Christmas gift from my lovely wife!

    So I was gifted this very nice Pedersoli KENTUCKY 50 Cal pistol kit for Christmas!! Completely blew me out of water! Looking forward to finishing it!! I think it will need new sights! Show me some pictures of yours and any other thoughts on how to customize it!
  16. Loja man

    Hawkins stock help

    I am contemplating re finishing a TC Hawkins stock. It is a kit gun. Stock was finished poorly. Especially around the lock and waist (I think). I know with long rifles the stock along the barrel should be finished to a thin edge. How about on a Hawkins? How about some of you with nice...
  17. Loja man

    New Kentucky Rifle brings home meat!!

    So I finished a Traditions 50 cal Kentucky kit this fall. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way with fit, finish and powder loads!! This is the first deer I have brought down with a muzzleloader in 21 years! The last one was a doe I shot with my dads 45 cal Kentucky rifle...
  18. Loja man

    Sight help on Kentucky rifle

    Hey all, So I finally finished my Traditions Kentucky Kit! Took it out to the range today. It was shooting okay but high. It was also giving my check a beating! So several years ago I found a post about sighting in a 50cal. It state that with a around 80 grains of powder you should be dead...
  19. Loja man

    CLOSED 50 cal TC New Englander

    Hey all, Up for your consideration is a nice 50 cal Thompson Center, New Englander! Stock show a little bit of whear but otherwise it’s a great gun! Bore is nice! I added Skinner peep sights to it . Thier machined holes were a little off so the sight sits at a little angle.( see pic)...
  20. Loja man

    TC Hawkins 50 with pitted barrel

    Need some help. So I have a TC Hawkins 50 Cal that I got from my aunt. Barrel was pretty rusty and pitted. I let it soak for a few days with a mixture of acetone and transmission fluid. Then I scrubbed it out with a bore brush wrapped in steel wool that was soaked in Kroil. I have had...