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  1. BillKilgore

    Hey from NC

    Welcome from the Cape Fear region of NC.
  2. BillKilgore

    Work in Progress - Big Red

    I have been working on the rifle a couple hours at a time after work for the last two weeks. Most of the Thanksgiving holiday was also spent on it. I will post more pics as things progress.
  3. BillKilgore

    Work in Progress - Big Red

    A couple pics are out of sequence. I followed the traditional method of inletting the barrel, then the breach plug, lock and finally the trigger plate. The hole in the mortice is to accommodate the trigger pivot.
  4. BillKilgore

    Work in Progress - Big Red

    I used the nail to scrape the rear corner of the lock inlet. It worked well for this limited task. My smallest chisel is 1/4". The trigger plate is TR-BIVINS-TP.
  5. BillKilgore

    Work in Progress - Big Red

    Starting work on the barrel underlugs. I made the initial cuts with a router fixture on my dremel, then finished the dovetails by hand. This barrel had more machining marks on the outside than my first Rice Southern Classic. Some filing and sanding produced a nice exterior. Going with four...
  6. BillKilgore

    Work in Progress - Big Red

    Laying out the general placement of the barrel, tang, tang screw and trigger plate. Starting to inlet the lock. Notice my micro chisel/scraper (patent pending 😉). More inletting. It took me two days after work to complete the lock inlet. I got a little carried away at the top of the inlet...
  7. BillKilgore

    Work in Progress - Big Red

    The muzzleloader bug has bitten again. First off, this is my second build. While it is going better than my first rifle, I am still an extreme novice. I have been thinking about building a Lancaster style 50 cal. with a cherry stock. This one will be a little more embellished than the maple...
  8. BillKilgore

    Two virgins at the range!

    Good shooting. We all remember our first. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.
  9. BillKilgore

    .58 for Squirrel?

    I guess you could use a .58 for squirrels. It’s a little smaller than I care to use and you would need careful shot placement. Them squirrels can be mean if you wound one.
  10. BillKilgore

    An Early Vermont Rifle

    Glad you are feeling better, Dave. For me, the fatigue was ridiculous. I hope you have time to post a few pics of your projects.
  11. BillKilgore

    Kibler SMR finally finished in cherry

    That is what I have found. Cherry has been comparable to maple as long as the tools are sharp. Once I get a little farther along, I will start a "work in progress" thread. Again, great job on yours.
  12. BillKilgore

    My first flintlock is completed

    Well done. That is a gorgeous rifle.
  13. BillKilgore

    Kibler SMR finally finished in cherry

    Well done. That is a beautiful rifle. I am also working on my first cherry rifle.
  14. BillKilgore

    58 Colonial and The Bull Elk

    Congrats on a magnificent elk. Also, thanks for posting a great story and pics. It felt like we were there, running through the sage and junipers with you. What state were you hunting in?
  15. BillKilgore

    Utah Buck

    That is outstanding. The smiles are priceless. :thumb:
  16. BillKilgore

    What to use for a powder measure?

    These are my powder measures. The brass one is an old rifle round that holds 60 gr. The rattler holds 76 gr and the large antler holds 97 gr.
  17. BillKilgore

    A fine day on the mountain

    Congrats on a wonderful day on the mountain and a gorgeous rifle. The buck is a nice souvenir as well. :thumb:
  18. BillKilgore

    Hello from coastal NC

    Welcome from the Cape Fear region.
  19. BillKilgore

    Another great year

    Congrats on another nice buck.