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  1. QuinnTheEskimo

    WANTED Traditions Crockett

    I’ve got a couple of them, looking for another in good condition for one of my daughters. Thanks!
  2. QuinnTheEskimo

    SOLD Navy Arms Pietta 12 Ga SxS kit

    I bought this a couple months back thinking it would make a good winter project but I think it’s too much for my first attempt, plus I’m not sure I want to mess with an ml shotgun. I bought it, opened the box and closed it back up. It was said to be all there and that the barrels were cylinder...
  3. QuinnTheEskimo

    SOLD T/C Seneca lock screws

    I’m looking for a few of the screws the pencil is pointed to. Bridle screws maybe? Not sure if that’s the right name or not? This is a Cherokee/Seneca lock and I’ve got several of them that have broken-headed screws in them. There are 2 of them in a lock and they aren’t the same size as the...
  4. QuinnTheEskimo

    Hunting knives.

    I had these made by a guy in North Carolina, I added the lanyards and made an antler bead with their initials. Rawhide would’ve looked better but I figured the orange paracord with a reflective strip might be handy should they drop them. They are to be Christmas gifts for my 3 daughters and...
  5. QuinnTheEskimo

    Adjusting a T/C single trigger?

    I picked up a single trigger Cherokee a month or so ago, I bought it despite the fact that my previous experience with a T/C WMC was all bad. I checked the trigger pull and it’s a bit North of 8 lbs and that’s not acceptable to me. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to lighten it or a...
  6. QuinnTheEskimo

    From the Green Mountains.

    Hello all! I’ve been a member for awhile but never properly introduced myself.. I live in VT with my wife and 3 daughters, we shoot muzzleloaders for fun and hunt deer with them. I’ve got a bunch of inlines, 4 Traditions .50 Pursuit XLT’s, A .50 T/C Triumph, A .45 Black Diamond, and A .45 T/C...