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  1. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Casting round balls

    I have two 25# chunks of great lead - but finding it impossible to get cut small enough to fit in the pot. Ideas?
  2. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox


    Welcome from Hardin County. Enjoy this very knowledgeable forum.
  3. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Muzzleloader Duck Hunt Success

    Shot a coot once on a very foggy morning, old 16-bore percussion. I had told my partner that we always eat whatever we shoot. Cooked that dang coot over the campfire. Made it through the first bite - almost. Promised myself I'd never shoot another mudhen!
  4. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Took the plunge one more time..

    Now that you've gotten it into decent shape and condition, I think I want to trade back. I'll wait till you trim the flash hole though!:p
  5. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Buckshot in pistols?

    I'm wondering what diameter shot might be used. I am certain that one of my .44's would handle, say, a standard ball over 8 or 10 #5 or #4 shot. Can't really see 3 standard #0 or #00 buck, plus the usual pistol ball, being used. What say the rest of you?
  6. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    What are your excuses please.

    Knew there was a good reason to not have a wife!
  7. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Want to put a Vernier rear sight on a Parker Hale Whitworth

    I am a Montana Valley fan. Have two of their sights, one was mounted on a Hawken gun. Very accurate, very easy to use. They have mounts for almost anything.
  8. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Getting a lot of Misfires.

    That's about what I have been thinking on this. Musket caps worked great on my old 1862bSpringfield - what it is designed for. I cannot ever remember a misfire on that rifle, as those musket caps throw a lot of spark.
  9. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Pawnshop Renegade

    Your new Minie' is filling the rifling better - great idea with the foil! What adhesive did you use to adhere the foil?
  10. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Think I'm in a small pickle...

    Lots of good ideas. You ARE going to make mistakes - the craftsmanship lies in the manner of overcoming those mistakes or errors. Bonne chance!
  11. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Is this the worst inletting job you've ever seen?

    You can make a strop easily from an old belt - glue it to a stick of wood, rub in some ZAM or Flexcut compound. puts a great edge on very quickly.
  12. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Two virgins at the range!

    You do not need to load the ML to get used to the flint flash. Just put some powder in the pan, and have at it. You'll get the pan flash, and a puff of smoke is all. Nothing for the neighbors to complain about. I get a few visitors who really don't know how a flintlock works, and happily give...
  13. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    1728 French Musket

    Happy you were able to import it without problems. The only bad part is that you will have to cuss at it in French...
  14. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox


    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet... Wm. Shakespeare. Call it a cock, a hammer, a "percussion cap hitting thing". All works the same.
  15. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Making a revolver from parts

    Tony, I believe it is very possible to make a Spiller & Burr from parts - but it would be the most expensive pistol around! Keep your eyes and ears open, heck, you can even advertise for one. It would be even more dear to you than you think. In the end, just be prepared to spend a lot of Yankee...
  16. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    1862 Springfield

    My first firearm ever was an 1862 Springfield - in 1961. I used it in target shoots, mainly at various Army posts near Washington, DC, Also used it at the 1961 First Manassas reenactment - firing all those blanks sure did get the barrel hot! Main load for the 8-man firing team was 100 gr FFg...
  17. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Greetings from Finland!

    Welcome! Finland has a long history of fine shooters, especially if they aim eastward.
  18. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    De-Horning Book

    Florida, not too long ago, was #1 in cattle. During an out-of-work period back in the mid-80's, I worked as a cowboy on the big Mormon Ranch west of Melbourne. Long, hard days, but rewarding. Tons of cow/calf work, and most Moms are very protective of their babies. You really do not want to...
  19. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Stupid stuck nipple

    Have a few old doubles, and one single, smoothies with "stuck nipple syndrome", SNS. All y'all have given me some really good suggestions for removal - thank you. Anxious to shoot the two 10-bores! Making a new walnut stock for an 1850's 10-bore double. The English walnut insists on...
  20. Craig "Wildcat" Wilcox

    Favorite RB size for a .45

    Now, TDM, you get to play with patch thickness and material! Personally prefer old denim jeans, using the thin portion on the front of the thighs. And lube! Again my preference is for 50/50 pure beef lard and beeswax. Get a wide, shallow brass tin with a lid and keep it in your bag - wipe the...