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  1. Whitworth

    Ouch, don't do this kids

    My brother came up today to do a bit of shooting with me. He was shooting an 1858 Remington repo and I was shooting an old ASM 3rd Model Dragoon I got a few months back for the first time. Loaded with 40 grains of Goex FFF it roared and belched flame as it should:thumb: Like new it's a proper...
  2. Whitworth

    Shooting the 1842 Harpers Ferry

    Finally got around to shooting the 1847 dated M42 that was made across the river from me at Harper's Ferry. Bobby Hoyt relined and stretched the barrel for me last Spring. Trying to find a .662 mold in the past year had been a challenge until a NIB one popped up on here for less than a C note...
  3. Whitworth

    Wiley Coyote receives his Acme shipment

    Says she wasn't hurt but have to wonder if her ears are still ringing?
  4. Whitworth

    Gun show Whitworth

    Saw a beautiful Whitworth today at the Gettysburg show. It was P53 style and fitted with a tang target sight and beautifully checkered wood. A bit out of my league at $11,000 it was nice to examine and admire for it's noteworthy place in history along with Joseph Whitworth's precision manufacturing.
  5. Whitworth

    1st chain fire

    I was shooting one of my favorites today, Uberti 1851 Navy made in 1965. On the second cylinder full I had 1 chamber, the top left one let go. Big flash on left side of the pistol and strange 2nd boom. I knew what happened and immediately threw the gun as far away as possible in case it went off...
  6. Whitworth

    Mexican Copper cannon balls.

    Battlefield Detectives gives this very interesting and new view of the battle of Palo Alto as revealed by archeological evidence. Big surprise was the use of copper cannon balls along with copper grape and canister by the Mexican's.
  7. Whitworth

    Ramrod battered balls

    After reading the are round balls really round thread I decided to try a little experiment. I rammed a .490 patched ball on top of 50 grains of 3f in a .50 bore and wailed the Hell out of it with the ramrod with just my hand. Removed the breech plug and powder just poured out without any signs...
  8. Whitworth

    Belgian "Colt" for sale on Gun Broker

    Wanted one of these at one point, got a real Colt for about the same price, Here's one for sale Rare 1960’s Centaure / Centennial Arms Model 1860 BP Revolver .44 - FROCS - Black Powder Pistols & Muzzleloader Pistols at : 921064292
  9. Whitworth

    Civil War and Antique Arms Show at Gettysburg

    My brother and I went today and what a show, more guns than you can shake a stick at. Lots of Civil War relics both dug and un-dug. Go tomorrow if you have chance.
  10. Whitworth

    P-H Musketoon vs. bowling ball

    35 grains of 2F and a 500 grain Lee Minie at 25 yards.
  11. Whitworth

    Don't worry, be happy

    Relax guys, soon a Mexican Black Powder cartel will form and convert their Coke and Meth labs to produce and smuggle in "Mexican Black". All Marijuana and Coca cultivation will cease and vast forests of Willow trees will be planted in their place to help supply the US's dirty habit. YLMV
  12. Whitworth

    CW cannon completion at 1000 yds.

  13. Whitworth

    Today's beautiful find.

    Was in Gun shop this morning eyeing the racks for telltale ramrods when I spotted the unfired T/C WMC with extra fancy wood. Took it home😉
  14. Whitworth

    So close to home.

    Mr. Hoyt called and I picked up my lined and stretched M1842 smoothbore barrel was done. Took about 2 months. Aged the extension a bit and put her together. Now she's less than 4 miles from where she was made in 1847.
  15. Whitworth

    Used .457 mold for sale

    While looking for a .662 mold I saw this .457 listed and thought maybe somebody here could use it for $29.95 and shipping.
  16. Whitworth

    Surprise, it's loaded

    Brother and I hit a couple of gun shops this morning. Second shop is all unmentionables, walk in look around and there are 2 muzzle loaders on the counter, A T/C Hawken and CVA mountain type pistol, both sadly neglected but savable. Shop owner says they are part of an estate, just came in...
  17. Whitworth

    Stretching a ramrod.

    While Mr. Hoyt is lining and stretching my 1842 Harper's Ferry barrel back to length I need to stretch the ramrod back too. Anyone ever do this? Braze or MIG a butt joint? Thought about trying this, a M16 cleaning rod is couple thousandths over the ramrod's diameter so that's good raw material...
  18. Whitworth

    Colt revolving rifle

    Watching my favorite western, "El Dorado" with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Cann and Arthur Hunnicutt playing "Bull", a crusty old ex Confederate and Indian fighter. He carries a Colt revolving rifle, anybody here shoot one?
  19. Whitworth

    Bobby Hoyt's shop

    Dropped of the barrel to my newly acquired Harpers Ferry 1842 barrel to be lined and stretched 2 inches back to original length with bayonet lug. I was greeted by the friendly shop dog on the way to the door, once inside you were met with the good manly smell and eye candy of a machine shop. Mr...
  20. Whitworth

    Top notch service from Lee

    After 35-36 years of service my Lee lead pot quit heating. Went Lee's website to order the parts for a complete overhaul and was surprised to see the parts were free upon checking out! Only charge was $17 for priority shipping. How can you beat customer service like that? Post office had them in...