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    Black powder shooting`s getting ex-Pen-SIVE!!!

    I just came home from Deercreek Gun Store in Marietta, GA, where I paid $50 for a pound of 1.5 f Swiss; $40 for a pound of 2f Schuetzen; and $18 for a tin or #11 percussion caps. Oh well; it's only money!

    Anybody substituted 1.5f Swiss for 2f Swiss in their flinter?

    Just wondering your results as far as performance?

    Second range session with Duplex loads

    As I wrote in my post on this subject, I'm getting low on true black powder, and have started experimenting with duplex loads (small amount of real black under a heavier charge of Triple 7, BP substitute) as a means of stretching my remaining BP supplies. Last week I tried loads using 10 grains...

    Anyone have a source for Swiss 2f?

    Seems like Schuetzen supplies are loosening up, but the same can't be said for their sister company products. Anyone found any any Swiss powders in stock anywhere?

    Shot my first duplex loads yesterday in my .54-caliber flintlock

    I`m into my last two pounds of Goex 2f, and have about 1-1/2 pounds of Schuetzen 3f on the shelf. My rifle does not shoot the 3f nearly as well as the 2f, so I use the 2f almost exclusively at club matches and when deer hunting. Unfortunately, my Kibler Colonial likes loads on the heavy side...

    Somebody please make a video.....

    ....of shooting 777 in their flintlock! I only bring this up because we have a couple of guys in our club who shoot matches using straight 777 (no duplex loads) in their flinters, and very seldom have a misfire. (Of course, they use 4f black in their pans) I'm sure individual results would...

    Kibler Locks

    Dang they`re Good! I've got about 250-300 shots behind me now without a single failure to ignite the powder in the pan -- and I'm only on my second flint! The only flash in the pan I've had was due to a goop buildup on the plug in a long duration match -- easily remedied with a plug scraper...

    Had a problem with my Kibler Colonial (operative word "had")

    I seem to have fixed it by doing something folks here say wouldn't work. Well, it worked! The problem was, every since I completed my .54-caliber Kibler and started shooting it, it was one-and-done if I didn't clean the barrel between shots. Seriously, one shot was all you could get. Shot...

    What can I use to increase moisture resistance of my stock?

    I used Minwax Antique oil to finish my Kibler Colonial stock. I really like the look, as it is very low-luster, as a woods rifle should be. However, I just read a woodworker's review of the product where he listed the moisture resistance of wood finished with it as "poor." That's not really...
  10. GAHUNTER60

    How to stop misfires?

    Shot my first match with my Kibler Colonial yesterday. Everything was going swimmingly, until shot number 28. That`s when things went to Hades! Started with a single flash in the pan. So I picked the flash hole and tried again -- another flash. Pick again, another flash! By now, everyone...
  11. GAHUNTER60

    Cold weather clothing for southern longrifle hunters?

    What would be period-correct clothing for, let's say, the Over-mountain men in the cold winter months? As much as I like capotes, I understand that they were relegated to the fur-trapping culture in the north and northeast. So what would I wear should I venture out in search of meat in the...
  12. GAHUNTER60

    The heavier my load....

    The more my new Kibler Colonial .54 likes it! This is a five shot group at 75 yards with 100 grains of FFg, .530 ball, .018 patch lubed with TOTW mink oil. I got the POI up by using what I call a "heavy" sight picture (where I let the front sight completely cover the target). I think this...
  13. GAHUNTER60

    Think I'm about there!

    Third range session today with the new Kibler Colonial. I switched over from FFFg Schuetzen to FFg Goex. Right off the bat, groups were tighter, albeit still low. So I did the old shoot and file, shoot and file, shoot and file -- until I ended up with this four shot group at 50 yards with 90...
  14. GAHUNTER60

    Second range session with the Kibler Colonial

    Well, I still got a ways to go, but I'm moving in the right direction. Went yesterday to the range and fired 30 shots (still on the original flint; now up to 45 shots). Had three misfires in the 30 -- all were flashes in the pan. I know two of them were from insufficient priming, as I was...
  15. GAHUNTER60

    First range session with new Kibler Colonial

    Finally made it to Wilson Shoals Range (when they were open). It took me forever to get all my gear on the bench and get set up to shoot. I decided to go straight to 50 yards. If I couldn't get on paper, then I'd bring her back to 25. Started with 70 grains of fffg, which is a good all...
  16. GAHUNTER60

    Well, she's finished!

    My new Kibler Colonial .54 is headed to the range today for the first time -- warts and all (I know where they are, but I'm not going to point them out). Only issue now is the ramrod sticks to the point of only being able to pull it out with a pair of vice grips. Been trying to heat it and...
  17. GAHUNTER60

    Of what style is a Kibler Colonial Rifle?

    I am aware that Jim says his rifles are not of one particular geographic or individual builder style, but are instead an amalgamation of styles typical of the Colonial period prior to 1770. This said, of what geographic style would a Kibler Colonial not look out of place in the local dry...
  18. GAHUNTER60

    How to repair the copper sheen on a barrel caused by not following directions?

    Yeah, I learned the hard way that rubbing LMF browning formula too vigorously during application causes a copper sheen to form on the barrel surface that will not accept browning no matter how many coats you put on. The thing is, it's only affected two one-foot sections on two flats. The...
  19. GAHUNTER60

    Does anyone know when conical bullets first made a appearance in the New World?

    Just wondering why gunsmiths didn't figure out earlier that bullet lethality could be greatly increased by elongating the bullet to gain weight.
  20. GAHUNTER60

    I should never be allowed around tools

    ANY tools! I had tapped the pin in and thought it was in the channel deep enough to allow me to go ahead and tap it on down. I thought wrong! The dang thing canted and levered this chip loose. It did not come completely out (just hanging on). I tried to burnish it down, but it won't...