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  1. Spikebuck

    An Early Vermont Rifle

    I saw a documentary on Mike Brooks on a Legacy Society show (season 1 #8.) What impressed me the most was that Mike uses an incredibly bare minimum of tools while creating his masterpieces. I consider myself fortunate to own one of his pieces. Consider myself fortunate to own one of yours as...
  2. Spikebuck

    Hunter Harassment

    Apparently no conflict in the jury's mind. Vang himself admitted he was first to shoot when he took the stand: As described in David Whitehurst’s 2015 book, “Tree Stand Murders,” Vang raised his rifle in one smooth, continuous sweeping motion as he circled right, kneeled, and aimed at...
  3. Spikebuck

    An Early Vermont Rifle

    I would make the convex concave, since the client gave you artistic license to change it. least just make it comfortable against the cheek. If you recall on my Haines, we both thought the original had fairly ugly beaver tails on the lock panels. I just told you to make them better and...
  4. Spikebuck

    Hunter Harassment

    Note that Chai Vang was convicted of first degree intentional homicide. This was not a "heat of the moment" shooting. As I recall, Vang left then came back to their camp and starting shooting...four of the six dead shot in the back. One of the murdered was a woman. He was the ultimate...
  5. Spikebuck

    2022 Muzzleloader Camp

    Good luck on your hunt. If you search the flintlock forum here for "peep sight" you'll find all kinds of discussions and photos of home made and commercial peeps. One of my favorites for flinters is the Johnson peep from Muzzleloader builders supply. Here's a pic of one on a Hawken I built:
  6. Spikebuck

    Hunter Harassment

    Are you referring to the Wisconsin incident back in 2004? If so, that individual was Hmong who are from Laos and Vietnam, not Korea. Minnesota and Wisconsin have relatively large Hmong populations. Unfortunately, their start into hunting under a US game mgmt model started very poorly (I put a...
  7. Spikebuck

    Hunter Harassment

    First, Ponderosaman, I think you did the right thing. I don't think the lady and her kids were intentionally harassing. As to being harassed, I have never been by a non or anti hunter. We did have severe issues with a neighboring land owner on a lease we were hunting. He had cut long...
  8. Spikebuck

    Heading to the woods with my dad's big bore Mountain Rifle tomorrow.

    Please send some bucks down to me and I'll send up some does!!! ;-) All I saw this year were does. Will be looking forward to next year's story.
  9. Spikebuck

    My son's first muzzleloader deer

    Congrats to your son and you on a great hunt! It's too bad that Hornady quit making the .54 Great Plains. I used that bullet on numerous whitetails. The expansion and weight retention you guys experienced is identical to mine. The picture below shows that same bullet (with an unshot one for...
  10. Spikebuck

    Muzzleloader Duck Hunt Success

    Great to see a young man not only want to hunt but take on the added challenge of doing it with a muzzleloader! My special congrats to him and, of course, to Dad as well for what was a great job of teaching!
  11. Spikebuck

    Best muzzleloader for an older guy

    Good luck in your search. Balance is the important thing. Long guns that are well balanced are comfortable so shouldn't be discounted.
  12. Spikebuck

    First evening hunt of the season

    Years ago there was a bowhunting video that was all about canoeing in to areas to get away from the crowds. A Wade Nolan production, if I recall. Growing up on the Mississippi I trapped Muskrats as a teenager and many of the islands were full of deer sign. But, with all the waterfowl hunters...
  13. Spikebuck

    Bismuth Roundball - A Viable Lead Alternative

    Everything you never wanted to know about bismuth! Just don't mold it or handle/shoot it too much! Oh well, at least the condors will still be alive!!! ;-) :) "Although bismuth is considered to be nontoxic and as much as 15 g can be...
  14. Spikebuck

    Bismuth Roundball - A Viable Lead Alternative

    Thanks. I found your casting and shooting report from last year. Good info to have. I won't hold my breath hoping the MN DNR will do anything with good "horse sense."
  15. Spikebuck

    Bismuth Roundball - A Viable Lead Alternative

    Nuthatch, thanks for that report and the pictures. Excellent info! I might have missed it, but what diameter ball? I'm trying to figure out what 141 or so grains compares to in lead for the same size ball. There is no doubt lead will be a thing of the past. The Minnesota DNR announced this...
  16. Spikebuck

    Best muzzleloader for an older guy

    What do you hunt? I think that makes a big difference in recommending something. I agree with others that a .40 or .45 makes a very sweet rifle, but if you hunt elk or black bear those wouldn't be the best choice. For easy-on-the-shoulder, large flatter butt plates make a big difference in...
  17. Spikebuck

    FOR SALE Pedersoli Jaeger, perc. 54

    Ben, Nice job on the kit. Someone will get a very nice rifle.
  18. Spikebuck

    Plains Rifle Takes its First Deer

    Congrats on the doe and your very fine rifle build!
  19. Spikebuck

    Fat Doe with my Kibler 54

    Congrats on a nice doe and breaking in the .54 Kibler!
  20. Spikebuck

    The experiment.

    Never tire of your Big Ted or hunting dog stories! I see Jess was along...I guess she doesn't retrieve if they go in the water? I'd say that hunt was perfect!