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    Lock Panels?

    And what Fred said about the tail of the lock is important. It sets up the whole architecture for everything behind the lock. Or is it the architecture sets up the lock shape? Tricky stuff, this gun building :grin: . Bill
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    Lock Panels?

    From an ergonomic point of view, your trigger finger, thumb, and the web in between the two should not overlap the sharp corners formed by the panels. You should be able to lay your trigger finger around the wrist, and the lock panel kind of guides the finger into the trigger guard, without any...
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    S. Hawken rifle in my photo gallery

    Great pics. I have a couple of questions. How tall was the buttplate? I can't tell from your calipers. Do you remember if that nosecap was made in two pieces. I see a faint line where the end may have been soldered on. Might be my imagination. Thanks. Bill
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    Check your sights to see if they are loose. A loose sight can cause horizontal accuracy problems. If after that you still thinks it's due to the barrel slop, take Hadden West's advice and shim the barrel. Even if it's temporary, it's a good trouble shooting technique. If it works, you can bed...
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    odd repairs

    If it's a typical CVA lock, the repair is a big improvement. :rotf: Bill
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    Cheek piece purpose

    I've come to accept that cheekpieces aren't for everyone. I think for some, it is a matter of fit (like getting smacked in the cheek). But for others, I think it's more a matter of being accustomed to not having one. They grew up shooting lever actions, single shot .22's, and shotguns, so to...
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    GPR Set Trigger Problem

    Whenever I have seen this problem, it's usually a loose screw holding down the set trigger spring, which causes the spring to act "weak". The first time the trigger blade smacks the sear bar, it moves it a little, but not enough to trip the sear. The second time, the sear is closer to tripping...
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    Weighing Roundballs

    Spikebuck brings up a good point for anyone new to weighing balls or bullets. On paper, your .530 ball should weigh 224 grains, but in reality it might be slightly different. Sprues, different lead alloys, molds slightly out of dimension, even varying lead temps will give you balls that vary...
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    Weighing Roundballs

    I keep them within 1 grain, but I think that's just an over-thinking mental thing (sometimes we tend to get carried away with these things). In reality, the two grain difference used by Armakiller is fine for the average shooter. The main reason for weighing balls is to cull out the ones with...
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    You don't need curl in the wood to make aqua fortis work. I've stained a few very plain maple stocks using aqua fortis and they came out very nice. Aqua fortis is just a stain, a deep penetrating, durable, stain that does help bring out the curl (if it's there), but mostly it's used just to...
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    Hot Soapy Water?

    I like the way Claude put it, hot water just cleans better. As to why, probably something to do with less surface tension or less density, so the water can penetrate better. Many years ago I used very hot water to clean my barrels. Got flash rust every time. I switched to cold water and got no...
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    lead spoon options

    My favorite ladle is a very large and long aluminum spoon. I think I found it in some of my camping stuff, probably handed down from a couple of generations. It's like something you would find on a chuck wagon, used to feed a lot of ranch hands or a group of hungry hunters. I dented one side to...
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    Possiable defect on patented breech?

    I'm thinking that the large ledge you mention really means you think the powder chamber is too narrow. Without seeing any pics, I doubt that it will cause any problems. I've drilled some pretty narrow holes in blank breechplugs without any ignition issues. You might want to give us some actual...
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    Backaction lock

    I'm wondering if you could do like talon said, but add a piece to the L and R lock. Like silver solder a piece behind the existing lockplate, with maybe a 1/2" overlap, for that stepped effect. Just a thought. Bill
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    wooden ramrod

    Ditto. Bill
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    Bluing vs. Browning

    Sounds like flash rusting to me also. But hey, you may be on to something new there. :idunno: Bill
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    burning wet BP

    I had the same result from a percussion rifle, only it was unintentional. After getting caught out in the worst rain hail lightning storm I had ever seen, I got back to camp soaking wet. There was water squishing out of my boots with every step. I think even by brain got soaked. Needless to say...
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    Loose Wedge Pin

    Well duh, I would have never thought of that. So obvious I would go right past it. Maybe cuz I make my own escutcheons and they are always symetrical. Good advice Rusty and something I will remember. :thumbsup: Bill
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    Loose Wedge Pin

    I like to determine where the wedge is the most loose, either in the wedgeplates (escutcheons), or in the tennon, and go from there. If there is more play in the wedgeplates, then bending it down like Blackhand described is best. If the tennon seems to be where the majority of the slop occurs...
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    Really DUMB question

    I prefer a flask over a powder horn. I use one for both range work and field use. For me, it's just handy, and fits snugly in my back pocket. I've tried using a powder horn, but spent too much time getting un-snagged from branches and such. I guess if you're accustomed to carrying one it's not...