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  1. Santa Fe

    WANTED Lyman GPR Barrel

    I’d like to buy a Lyman GPR .50 caliber 1-60 twist barrel. If anyone has one they’re willing to sale PM me
  2. Santa Fe

    H.E. Dimick

    Spent Saturday at the Tulsa Gun Show. Happened upon this Dimick rifle it appears to be original. With an interesting aperture rear sight. .44 cal.
  3. Santa Fe

    FOR SALE Ruger Old Army price reduction to $750

    ROA blue 7.5” barrel pre warning I bought this gun in July I’ve never fired it. Very good used condition. No rust or corrosion. $750 PM me if interested price lowered to $750 I’ll cover shipping to lower 48
  4. Santa Fe

    WANTED T/C tang peep sight

    The title says it all. Tang peep sight that fits a Renegade/Hawken for a fare price
  5. Santa Fe

    Bents Old Fort

    Spent a few hours a Bents Old Fort today It’s a fascinating place it really was a cross road of the world
  6. Santa Fe

    Flint Knives

    OK here’s a knife aNative American friend made for me with the antler handle the other blade is an original found in Cowley County Kansas I mostly interested in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Makes me wonder how often Trappers might have used flint knives
  7. Santa Fe

    PRB Ballistics

    So I never shot any muzzleloader over a cronygraph so today I fired 5 round balls from my Lyman GPR .54 caliber thru my crony it was most interesting. Each round fired got a little faster. The load was Speer .530 RB .18 patch 90 grains of 3F Goex powder first shot was 1610 FPS 1660 FPS 1683...
  8. Santa Fe

    Muzzle Blast

    Shot this picture up in Nebraska back in 2007-08. Just good timing
  9. Santa Fe

    Hello from Kansas

    New member here I’m really enjoying this forum Been watching for a while. I’m a life long Gun Crank and Hunter Outdoorsman. Ran a trap line back in the day. Been around muzzleloader most of my life getting more into black powder firearms in the last few years. I currently own 74 Sharps 45/70...