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  1. JCKelly

    JP Beck template

    Important Relief Carved Pre-Revolutionary War Flintlock Kentucky | Lot #40022 | Heritage Auctions Pictured in Rifles of Colonial America, Volume II by George Shumway and Kentucky Rifles & Pistols 1750-1850 Important Relief Carved Pre-Revolutionary War Flintlock Kentucky Rifle by John...
  2. JCKelly

    JP Beck template

    (R284) - HANDSOME CHRISTIAN BECK (SIGNED), LEBANON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, FULLSTOCK, RAISED CARVED, KENTUCKY RIFLE c. 1780’s – 1790’s. The exceptionally attractive and remarkably pronounced, tiger-striped grain, curly maple fullstock (with a wonderful patina) is in remarkable, exc+ condition...
  3. JCKelly

    Don't know what I have!!

    I have a revolver made some years ago in Macon.
  4. JCKelly

    Don't know what I have!!

    12L14 barrels may have cracks in them, as part of the col drawing to round. I first learned this from a steel copany metallurgist in the early 1980's. This grade of steel is sensitive to these small cracks.
  5. JCKelly

    Beechwood gunstocks

    I believe American Beech trees have somewhat different wood than do European. Ours MIGHT be inferior, not certain. I have one Beech stock, the one on my Potsdam musket, which I first unloaded & then shot,, end of Truman's reign I believe.
  6. JCKelly

    A couple of swiss pistols

    Might these not be dueling pistols? Here are a pair of French duelers:
  7. JCKelly

    At what point to stop cleaning?

    Once more I would like to note that real, actual soap made in the USA since the 1960's contains a little bit of salt (sodium chloride, a.k.a NaCl)
  8. JCKelly

    Never owned one of these before!

    This is a popular style of gun. Great for the guy who need ed both a rifle and a shotgun. This was, I believe, the last style of muzzle-loader, and was commonly produced, up through the 1870's. There are two makers named Graves in Michigan (both born in NY), possibly also in NY. See my book...
  9. JCKelly

    Lets talk firestarting

    Wanna cheat just a little on "char cloth"? Keep a little 4F steel wool in your shoe. Yes, the finest steel wool made. Catches fire nicely from your flint & steel spark maker.
  10. JCKelly

    where are you ...

    Agree. I am a Michigander who has traveled all over for work, USA, Asia & Europe. The very best cooking anywhere is anywhere in Louisiana.
  11. JCKelly

    Main Spring Vise

    I made this one to fit that rather small flint lock, which I had also made. US Gov't made the penny.
  12. JCKelly

    SOLD Custom .58 LH Iron Mounted Virginia Rifle

    Older Virginia rifle, ca. 1790, iron mounted. Double set triggers offset to the right, as in some Tennessee rifles. .42 caliber.
  13. JCKelly

    butt plate in letting

    Brass, cartridge brass anyhow, is supposed to be about 70% copper with 30% zinc melted in. Nice idea. But your brass castings are different animals. In order to get a sound, free-flowing cast metal the foundry adds some lead. Lead. It does not much dissolve in the brass, it exists in your...
  14. JCKelly

    Oil based stain or water based ?

    My experience, with Fiebring dye, is that it makes a fine color which then changes (to not so fine) with time. I suggest you use Laurel Mountain, it was developed by an actual SHOOTER. He now flies aeroplanes that he has built himself. Firt met him several decades ago, when he lived here in SE...
  15. JCKelly

    FOR SALE Scrimshaw powderhorn for sale

    Lots of work here. You making over 8 cents/hour?
  16. JCKelly

    Rifle Purchase

    Usually when some maker says "alloy" he implies Zinc alloy, like old toys were made of. Get rid of this thing. Now. JKelly retirted metallurgist
  17. JCKelly

    Original German Jäger?! Need Help!

    The book on jaeger rifles, and its translation, are: Steinschloss-Jägerbűchsen, Erhard Wolf ©2006, hardcover, in case. Flintlock Jaeger Rifles, Translated by ©2006 Spiral Bound Please, please do not destroy this fine piece by turning it into percussion.
  18. JCKelly

    Hello from Michigan

    And from SE Michigan - Check out Detroit Sportsmens Club, about 5 miles East of downtown Rochester
  19. JCKelly

    Glue for Forend Cap

    Epoxy will not stay bonded to copper or brass. I can't tell you the chemistry but industrially itis known not to use epoxy on copper or is alloys.
  20. JCKelly

    chisels....lesson learned.

    NEVER ever Chinese. German or preferably Swiss made. Note they may well have German/Swiss TRADE names, just be sure they are actually made in Germany or Switzerland.