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    information please

    I need the phone number for Bobby Hoyt please Thanks Bunk
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    Mesa Winds paper cartridge tool

    If you are thinking about starting to make paper handgun cartridges, I would suggest you look at the Mesa Winds case former tools. They are reasonably priced, made of aluminum (so that they are durable), and are very professional looking tools. Mesa Winds makes forming tools for both .36 and...
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    short arbor

    an explanation and why it is important Respectfully Bunk
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    .36 cartridge former

    Any one using the capandball make paper cartridge former and if so how do you like it? i am thinking about getting one. Thanks for the information Bunk
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    Paper cartridge former

    does anyone have information on the Mesa Winds paper cartridge forming tool. Made of aluminum looks sturdy thanks Bunk
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    Paper cartridge making kits

    I am giving some thought to making paper cartridges for my1851 Navy using the Eras Gone .36 Colt Paper Cartridge Works bullet. Guns of the West or Cap and Ball seem to be the only ones available. Information, advice, and comments please Yr' Obt' Svt' James Lewis (Bunk) Stagner
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    A CAPitol idea

    I poached this from the Majormusket web site. Personally I would have worn a face shield and gloves because this is kind of sketchy, but to each his own. This may not solve the problem but it may get you back to be able to practice and save real caps for hunting or competition Yr' Obt' Svt' Bunk
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    Friends of mine who are all cartridge gun shooters ask me why I spend time with antique, obsolete ,black powder, smelly, dirty, slow to load, hard to clean percussion firearms. The answer is very simple and here is why. Modern self-loading guns, (post 1911), are boring to shoot, and have no...
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    New Colt style handguns

    Congratulations you have just bought your first new cap & ball revolver. It is actually functional kit that needs some help to be reliable and fun. Short of spending a bucket of money sending it to a qualified gunsmith there are a things that can be done on the kitchen table with a very small...
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    Caps 10,11,1075

    There is an extremely informative article in the "Darksiders Den " section of the Cowboy Action City Forum on percussion caps. I post this here because hand guns seem to be more problematic with caps than rifles. Respectfully Bunk