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  1. 3Setters

    Fist squirrel with Bess

    Can your wife talk to mine next year when i retire? 🤨 PS. Good shooting
  2. 3Setters

    Muzzleloader Duck Hunt Success

    Thats some good shooting.
  3. 3Setters

    58 Colonial and The Bull Elk

    Helluva hunt. Congrats on some great shooting
  4. 3Setters

    Piebald buck

    Great deer. Congrats
  5. 3Setters

    First Deer With the flintlock.

    Congrats on your first deer.
  6. 3Setters

    PA elk hunt results

    I had a friend draw an archery cow tag last year. He also hunted without a guide. I gave him as much info as I knew. He came close a couple times but in the end went home with his tag. He thoroughly enjoyed the hunt and if drawn again would go without a guide.
  7. 3Setters

    PA elk hunt results

    An self guided elk hunt without a kill beats a guided hunt any day. You were indeed successful. Sproul is a tough place to hunt.
  8. 3Setters

    Good things come in twos!!

    I'm jealous
  9. 3Setters

    The .62 rifle took a 2022 deer

    Nothing wrong shooting small deer, they are the best eating, and what I prefer.
  10. 3Setters

    October 2022 Muzzleloading deer

    That's how to get it done with a traditional muzzloader.
  11. 3Setters

    Sight picture with a double hammer gun

    When shooting clays or critters I've never even taken notice to the hammers. In fact, i never even notice the front bead, front beads make a shotgun look nice but serve no real function. If your focus is on whatever you're shooting at, that is all you'll ever see.
  12. 3Setters

    Long Barrel Flintlock Sporting Gun

    What game was a gun like this used for?
  13. 3Setters


    I can walk out of my house to have 30+ thousand acres of public land to hunt. 2 hour drive to my cabin and its 600 thousand acres to enjoy.
  14. 3Setters

    A Day With The Crocketts

    Well done.👍
  15. 3Setters

    .56 Smoothbore Grouse Hunt

    Some good eating from that hunt. Congrats.
  16. 3Setters

    Percussion SXS pheasant/chuckar

    Great way to get kids involved, only thing missing was a dog
  17. 3Setters


    Any shot will work except for possibly steel shot. I use the same shot in my muzzleloader as i do in my modern shotguns.
  18. 3Setters

    7 hours!

    Do you have restrictions on how late you can hunt?